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Chapter 1 - Destiny’s Chip

[Translated by meosles]
[Edited by Beauty_Karova]

Maybe with all this arrangement, their fate may be tied together forever.

Gentle and without temper, this ordinary girl is like water that is plain and appears inconspicuous. Regardless of whether she is at fault, she will always apologize to the other party first. This girl will finally meet the prince of her dreams this day—but why do things turn out so differently from what she imagined?


The pipes blew. A luxury cruise is parked at the harbor. The white ship is floating on the blue sea like a graceful swam.

This is a "love boat" which is about to start the two days one night romantic journey soon. Regardless of whether you are out of love, passionately in love or seeking love, everybody is smiling brightly. They secretly hope to have their own romantic encounter on this short journey.

Chen Xin Yi, nicknamed "sticky note girl", is one of them. Even though she is plain, has an ordinary background and even a commonplace name that causes a dozen people to turn around when called, she can still indulge in the fantasy of being Cinderella who will one day meet a price who dotes on her like a princess. If possible, she hopes that this fated prince will be her current boyfriend—Gucci.

"Gucci, Gucci wait for me!" She keeps calling for her boyfriend while carrying many bags and trying to get through the crowd. But he walks very fast and his footsteps never slow down for her.

Like all her previous boyfriends, they always walk at their own pace leaving her flustered and chasing after them. But this time, she is determined to catch up with him. Otherwise her taking the pinch and paying for the expensive trip will be meaningless.

After some difficulty, she finally sees her boyfriend’s back. Just as delight comes to her, a stylish black car suddenly appears and nearly knocks her down. She steps back in fright and her spectacles fall down.

"Ah! Where are my specs?" Xin Yi hastily hunts for it on the ground. Without her spectacles, she is as blind as a bat.

A moment later, she finally finds it. But when she reaches out her hand to get it, the door of the black car opens and a pair of feet wearing black leather shoes step out and walks on it without mercy.

"Ah~~my specs!"

The loud cry of despair causes the man who came out of the car to frown. He looks down and sees the shattered spectacles, picks it up and then walks towards Xin Yi holding out his hand towards her.

Xin Yi stares at the big hand in a daze and then looks up to see a face covered in sunlight. She can’t see him clearly but her chest suddenly gives a beat. She hesitantly puts her small hand on that big palm. The man pulls her up and holds her in his arms using one hand. The other hand puts the spectacles on her.

As the band plays and the flowers floats down, Xin Yi falls into a daydream. Is this the fated encounter between the prince and princess that she hoped for? A tall, handsome, gentle and considerate prince...

"Don’t drop your spectacles on the ground next time, this is very dangerous!" The prince doesn’t apologize but rebukes her instead.

"Ah?" Xin Yi is startled and immediately falls back into reality. She blinks her eyes and looks at her shattered vision through the broken glasses—this prince is not gentle and he is so proud that he doesn’t give her a second look.

Accompanied by his assistant, he coldly talks with the captain. The captain bows as if he is receiving an important person and welcomes him onto the ship.

"Hmm. What’s so great about him?" Xin Yi wonders bluntly.

At this moment, an impatient Gucci finally appears. "Chen Xin Yi, how long do you plan to dally? Go on the ship!"


Room 306.

The prince in Xin Yi’s eyes is standing alone in a room. The room’s decorations—antique four poster bed, princess floor curtains, rose petals scattered across the bed and flowers spread all around the room, giving off a slight flagrance. On the tea stand there's bottle of a vintage red wine, "La Romance Conti", which was his girlfriend’s favorite and matches her status of a premier ballet dancer.

He smiles slightly and ray of sunlight breaks through his cold handsome countenance. In an instant, he shines like the sun god.

He is Ji Cun Xi, the director of "Magical Enterprise" that produces the daily products used by Taiwanese people. He was born as a prince, with the looks of a prince and the personality of a prince. He is high and above, aloof and apart from the crowd. The only people he cares about are his granny and girlfriend Anna Shi. Beautiful and graceful, Anna is the woman he loves most in this world.

Tonight, he has planned everything with care as he is about to propose to his girlfriend.

He carefully takes up the ring box and practices his proposal speech— "I love everything about you. So Anna, will you marry me?"


"I am willing! Gucci, I am willing to give everything to you."

At room 309, Xin Yi hugs a sexy night gown and speaks shyly to the empty air.

Tonight, she plans to give herself to Gucci. She knows that he is actually someone with strong needs. In the past, he has made every effort to restrain himself for her. But it doesn’t matter now. Tonight he doesn’t have to contain himself anymore. She is ready to give herself to him totally. She believes that this will change the slowly chilling relationship between the two of them.

Xin Yi smiles as she meditates and continues to tidy her luggage. Gucci has already gone to the casino. She will look for him later on. They will definitely have a wonderful night...

"Ha Chu!" Xin Yi suddenly sneezes. She has a runny nose and an itchy throat. Since yesterday, she has been feeling a little unwell and now it seems to be getting worse.

No, no! She takes out the cold medicine and quickly swallows two tablets. She will not allow any accidents to ruin the romantic night she planned so carefully...


Before Anna boards the ship, Cun Xi decides to get a drink at the bar by himself, both to pass the time and to cultivate the mood for the proposal. When he enters, with the exception of the bartender there is only one couple kissing passionately at a sofa in a corner. He sweeps his eyes across the room, sits on a bar stool and orders a martini.

The couple on the sofa has finished kissing and separates breathlessly.

"Gucci, didn’t you board the ship with your girlfriend? Don’t you need to accompany her?" The woman’s voice is flirtatious.

"She is still tidying up the luggage!" The man’s said coolly. "Actually I can’t stand her anymore. If she didn’t beg me, I wouldn't have wanted to go on some love cruise."

"If you didn’t come, you wouldn’t have met me!"

"You’re right. I never imagined that I will meet my pre-destined girl here." As they talk, the couple starts kissing again.

What a shameless couple! Ji Cun Xi frowns and feels sorry for that man’s girlfriend. She is blind to go out with such a bastard!

But this is not his business. He drinks his wine quietly. He is only concerned with whether the proposal tonight will go well. No matter what, he must make Anna agree...

"Ji Cun Xi!" A voice filled with hatred calls out. Two men sit down, one on each side of him.

He raises his eyes in displeasure and looks at the two unwelcomed guests. "Wu Lu Lu, Wu Qi Qi. The two of you again? How long do you plan to continue harassing me?" Ever since he bought a shampoo factory on Jiang Mu Island, this pair of father and son has been plaguing him like aggrieved spirits.

"Ji Cun Xi, you want to fully automate our factory as soon as you buy it! Do you know that this will destroy the livelihood of the people of Jiang Mu Island? I refuse to let you treat my old staff like this!" Wu Lu Lu says. "I am asking you one more time, do you still want to retrench the workers?"

Of course he has to retrench, he will definitely retrench!

Ji Cun Xi speaks coldly "May I ask, how much did you send to buy two tickets for this cruise so that you can corner me?"

"Ha! Do you think that we can’t afford a luxury cruise?" Wu Qi Qi laughs proudly "I tell you, buying the corner of 10 fruit newspapers will give 80 percent discount. So we only spent 12 thousands! You never expect us to use this method right?"

He has never expected for them to be so dumb. "You actually you spent 12 thousands and two days’ time just to ask me five words to which I have answered more than ten times? To calculate, on average each word cost 2400 dollars. With this kind of unprofitable method of doing things, no wonder your factory’s management is in disarray."

When Wu Lu Lu and his son hear him, they are speechless and nearly faint in anger.

"Your ‘Wu Lu Lu shampoo factory’ has been put up for auction. I bought it legally according to procedure and allow your recipe of ‘Old Jiang rebirth hair tonic’ to be carried on. Isn’t this an idea that profits everyone?" He really can’t understand why this father and son are so displeased.

"You..." Wu Lu Lu is so angry he glares at him "That mouth of yours can really debate! Even the dead come to life with your talk. You only care about our factory’s recipe. You don’t care about the island folks’ survival at all!"

How will he be able to care for so much? Ji Cun Xi can’t be bothered about the pair of flies and darkens his face. "I warn you. Today is very important to me. If you dare to create trouble, I’ll sue until you become bankrupt! I am answering for the last time, I . will . definitely . retrench! Are you satisfied now? Now go away!"

The impressive rebuke gives Wu Lu Lu a scare and he jumps up. When Wu Qi Qi sees that the eyes of everyone in the bar is on Ji Cun Xi, he quickly takes out a packet of medicine and secretly mixes it into Ji Cun Xi’s wine.

"Dad, let’s not invite trouble. Let us go!" After accomplishing their goal, he throws a look at his father.

Wu Lu Lu understands. "All right, let’s go! Ji Cun Xi, we’ll remember this. A cold-hearted businessman like you will not come to a good end!"

Father and son go out angrily and the bar resumes its peace. The couple on the sofa looks at Ji Cun Xi curiously and whispers to each other. He is in a bad mood and shakes his head. After finishing his drink, he signs the bill and leaves.

At the door, he bumps into a lady who is entering the room shakily. He glares "Be careful!"

"What! You are the one who bump into me first all right?" Xin Yi sees him walks off unhappily and holds her whirling head. She stumbles into the bar and ask the bartender.

"Excuse me, Mister. May I know where the casino is?"

"The casino is on the next level." The bartender answers. "Miss, you don’t look well. Do you want a drink?"

"No need. Thanks." Xin Yi turns him down as she is anxious to find her boyfriend. But when she turns her head, she finds Gucci on a sofa. She is delighted. "Gucci! Why are you here?"

When Gucci hears her voice, he jumps up in fright and quickly goes towards her, blocking his girlfriend’s view to prevent her from seeing another woman. "What are you doing here?"

"I couldn’t find the casino, so I came here to inquire. What about you? I thought you wanted to go to the casino?"

"What should I do in the casino?" Gucci say sourly. "I don’t have much money in my pocket. If I go there I will be laughed at for making small bets!"

"Oh, you don’t have money." Xin Yi looks at him and suddenly bits her lips. She takes out a credit card. "Why don’t you use this first."

Gucci’s eyes brighten but he pretends not to care. "I already told you. I will not use a woman’s money."

"Take it! You should enjoy yourself when you go out." Xin Yi says. "Maybe you will win and we can have a high-class dinner tonight."

Gucci laughs and cups her face to give her a kiss on the forehead. "Why do you look so pale?"

Xin Yi turns red. "I think I have a cold. I just ate some medicine. I don’t know whether it is due to the medicine or not, but I am feeling dizzy now."

"Like this. Why don’t you go back and have a sleep first! Dress prettily tonight for a big dinner with me." Gucci coaxes her.

"All right." Xin Yi leaves the bar obediently. She doesn’t see her boyfriend hugging and flirting with his latest woman the moment she leaves.

She groggily returns. Because the ship is too big, she even gets lost sometimes. Finally she finds the level where she stays. "303, 305, 307..."

She finds it! Just as she is about to yell in delight, a serviceman acting suspiciously quickly pull her back. "Are you the special girl arranged for tonight?"

Special arrangement? Does he talks about her being in the process to give herself? She blushes. "I have a special arrangement, but..."

"It doesn’t matter, I know. Over here." The serviceman pushes her into a room. In her dizziness, she doesn’t notice that it's room 306, not room 309.

When the serviceman leaves, Xin Yi jumps on to the bed. Thinking of the romantic candlelight dinner with her boyfriend, she sleeps sweetly.


Strange, why am I feeling so dizzy?

After leaving the bar, Ji Cun Xi originally wanted to go to the casino and play for a while. But his head suddenly becomes heavy and his body feels hot, as hot as a stove.

He feels that something is not right and with great difficulty goes back to his room. In the room all the curtains have been closed and it is pitch dark. He looks around dizzily and sees a lady sleeping on the bed. He is delighted.

"Anna, you're here." He sits on the edge of the bed and calls his girlfriend softly. She doesn’t react and continues to sleep sweetly. She turns around and a part of her leg is exposed.

As he looks, a fire spreads though the lower part of his body. He leans towards her and starts kissing the back of her neck.

"Hmm—" Xin Yi feels strange and wakes up groggily. She thinks it is her boyfriend and turn over to hug him. "I already made up my mind. From now on you are everything to me." She confesses passionately.

When Cun Xi hears her loving talk, with her body in his arms and the medicine taking effect, he can’t control himself and kisses her passionately.

She tries to push him away shyly. "No, it’s not right yet. And I...still haven’t worn my night gown..."

"But I can’t wait anymore." He covers her lips and swallows up all her protests. His hand starts to invade her clothes and leaves a hot trace on her skin.

A pair of strangers, under mistaken circumstances, falls into a sea of passion—

In the room, it is still dark. The scent of love lingers in the air.

Xin Yi leans on a well-build body sweetly. Her head is heavy and she is still intoxicated with the echoes of passion. She moves slightly and a pair of strong arms immediately holds her tightly, as if they are afraid that she will slip away.

"Don’t move! I won’t let you go again. I want you to remain by my side forever." A hoarse voice whispers into Xin Yi’s ears.

She breaths deeply and is touched. "I didn't know that I were so important to you..." She has been afraid that Gucci would be like her previous boyfriends and would leave her eventually.

She is overwhelmed with emotion. Her hand is suddenly raised and a sparkling diamond ring is placed on her ring finger. She can’t believe her eyes. "This is?"

"I have finally caught you. This ring does not only represent your importance in my heart, it also symbolizes my determination to dote on you and care for you all my life. In future I want to share everyday with you."

This is the most romantic proposal that she could have imagined! Xin Yi can’t help crying and hugs her boyfriend tightly.

"I love you, Anna." He says.

"I love you too, Gucci." She answers.

The two of them are startled, and after a beat, say at the same time.

"Who is Anna?"

"Who is Gucci?"

They look at each other in alarm. The light is dim but finally they can see that the person in front of them is not who they think it is.

"Who are you?!" Xin Yi asks in panic.

Suddenly her mind recalls someone who wears the spectacles for her at the harbor. "It’s you!" It’s that proud prince.

"It’s you!" Ji Cun Xi also recognizes her. It’s that blur girl.

The two of them face each other uncertainly. Just as Ji Cun Xi gives a frown and about to talk, the room door burst open. Wu Lu Lu and his son barges into the room and starts snapping away with their cameras.

"Don’t take any photos!" Ji Cun Xi shouts angrily.

"Ji Cun Xi, you are at fault first. Don’t blame us for being merciless!" Wu Lu Lu says viciously "If you don’t accept our conditions, these photos will be published in the newspapers."

"Are you framing me?"

"So what if we are framing you?" Wu Qi Qi laughs wickedly. "Come, let us introduce to you. This lady comes from Indonesia..." He is momentarily stunned and stares foolishly at Xin Yi on the bed.

Xin Yi also looks at him in amazement. "Brother-in-law? What are you doing here?"

"You mean what are you doing here?" Wu Qi Qi cries. Now it’s all finished! He has arranged for an Indonesian girl to seduce Ji Cun Xi! How does she change into her wife’s sister?

"What have you done?" Wu Lu Lu cries. "After all that fuss, Xin Yi is that Indonesian girl? This is not the way to save money. Do you want me to die under my daughter-in-law’s blade?"

What is the matter? Ji Cun Xi listens to the three of them and his face becomes dark. So he has fallen into their trap?

"What is your relationship with them?" He asks Xin Yi sternly. "Are you in league together?"

"I..." Xin Yi is speechless. She does not understand what happens either. Why does she go to bed with a stranger and even let her own brother-in-law takes these naked photos?

"Did you slip into my room on purpose? In order to blackmail me you are willing to sleep with me? Don’t you have any sense of shame?" Ji Cun Xi angrily rebukes her.

"No, it’s not like this. I really don’t know how I enter the wrong room. I don’t know what has happened... I am sorry, I did not do this on purpose." Why should she apologize? She has to apologize after sleeping with someone. Is there anyone as pathetic as her?

Xin Xi covers her mouth and feels wronged. Trembling, she covers herself with a bed sheet and clumsily gets off the bed. Grabbing her keys, she runs out.

Where is Gucci? Where is her boyfriend? He will definitely protect her and tell her all these are only a nightmare. It’s not real, it’s not real...

She hypnotizes herself and through her tears finds room 309. When she swipes the card and enters the room, what is awaiting her is another scene that stuns her even more.

The man she loves is rolling around on the bed with another woman. And that woman is even wearing the sexy night gown that she prepared especially for this trip—

"Gucci! What are you doing?"

"Xin Yi?!" When he sees her, Gucci hurriedly jumps up from the bed. "Don’t misunderstand. I am only massaging Rebecca..." He stops suddenly and peers at her. "Why are you covered only in a bed sheet? Where are your clothes?"

Once his words come out, he sees Ji Cun Xi entering the room angrily with Xin Yi’s clothes.

"Hey! Return your stuff to you. My ring..." He becomes silent.

The atmosphere is strange, two pairs of couple look at one another in astonishment.


Her boyfriend is fooling around with another woman behind her back and now he turns around to accuse her of being unfaithful. Unable to defend herself, she has to accept her fate and, carrying her luggage, leaves the room she paid for with her card.

What is the meaning of this? Why does she allow another woman to occupy her love nest? She paid for it with her money!

But she is this kind of girl. She doesn’t know how to reject people and is often toyed with. She tries her best to be nice to everybody but they often make use of her instead.

It is said, girls like her are like "sticky notes". Everybody throws her away after they finish using her. Nobody cares about her fate and nobody cares about what happen to her.

What should... she do now? Xin Yi stands on the deck and grips the railing, crying helplessly. She only wishes for someone to love her! Why does Gucci treats her in this manner? Why does even her brother-in-law bully her? Why can’t she be stronger and not let people push her around?

"I am an idiot, a big idiot!" She scolds herself tearfully. Her hand phone gives a short ring and she reads the message through her tears.

Valued customer, your expenditure at the Anna Bell casino is two hundred thousands, three hundred and eleven dollars. Currently you have reached your credit limit. Please pay as soon as possible when you receive your bill, thank you.

What is this? Xin Yi is stunned. Gucci actually spend all her credit limit? She feels dizzy and her hand phone falls from her hands. She hurriedly tries to grab it but it’s too late. She can only watch helplessly as it falls into the sea.

Misfortune never travels alone. Is this her fate? Why doesn’t she just die now?

When this thought occurs to her, Xin Yi breaks down. She holds the railing and raises her leg—

"What are you doing?" A man suddenly rushes over and grabs her from behind. "You have only fallen out of love, is there a need to commit suicide?"

Xin Yi raises her head and sees that the man who stopped her is the unfortunate prince who has just slept with her. She breaks down even more. "My hand phone is gone! Two hundred thousands are gone! My fated prince is gone... all gone! Why does this happen to me? I only wished to love someone with all my heart, what have I done wrong?" She cries bitterly.

Ji Cun Xi hugs her. His feelings are complex. He originally thought that she was in league with Wu Lu Lu and his son, but later discovered that she herself has been betrayed by her boyfriend who even drove her out in front of the vixen.

"Why are you so foolish? You left because that man told you to? He is the one at fault!"

"But I... I also slept with you! Even though I did not do it on purpose, but..."

"You are really a stupid woman!" Ji Cun Xi is exasperated. "Your boyfriend was already involved with another woman at the bar. He has probably betrayed you many times and you still let him push you around."

"I only... wish him to love me. I know that I am not good enough, not worthy of him..."

"What not worthy? Who says you are not worthy?" Ji Cun Xi angrily turns her tear-streaked face around. He can’t stand people who feel so inferior. "You come with me!" He pulls Xin Yi up forcefully.

"Go, go where?" She stumbles behind him.

"Tell that ignorant man that he is not worthy of you!"


He performs a magic spell on her.

He takes her to the beauty salon on the ship and orders the stylist to transform her from head to toe. She has a full body SPA, puts on makeup, exchanges her spectacles for contact lenses and perms her hair into a loose flowing style. She wears a light elegant evening dress and even her nails are polished into shiny beads.

He transforms her into a princess.

Xin Yi stares at the image of herself in the mirror in a daze. Is that really her? Can she be so outstanding?

The stylist brings her to Ji Cun Xi who is browsing through a magazine. He raises his head and is startled. A look of wonder crosses his eyes.

Xin Yi looks down shyly.

"You don’t look too bad." He praises her and holds out his elbow towards her.

"What?" She doesn’t understand.

"Hold my arms." He commands her without reason.

"Oh." She holds his arm foolishly. Blushing, she follows him to the casino. The bright crystal lamps hanging from the ceiling shine into her eyes.

"What are we doing here?" She asks Ji Cun Xi quietly.

"You want to get back at that lousy man right?" He smiles coldly.

She wants to. "But..."

"Shut up and follow me." He gives her a warning glance and does not allow her to retreat.

The two of them finds Gucci winning big at a table and sit down opposite of him. When Gucci sees the elegantly dressed Xin Yi, his eyes nearly falls out. Rebecca who is leaning on him is mad with jealousy.

Xin Yi awkwardly wants to run away but Ji Cun Xi holds her hand tightly under the table. He coolly nods at the dealer and exchanges five million chips in one breath.

Everybody is shocked and even Xin Yi dumbstruck at this huge amount. But Ji Cun Xi seems to treat it as commonplace and waves his hand, signaling the dealer to deal the cards.

In the first round, he loses one hundred thousand to Gucci. In the second round, he loses another one hundred thousand. In the third round, he even loses five hundred thousand at one go. The fourth round he continues to lose miserably.

"He is not only a rich man but also a sucker!" Rebecca laughs coquettishly and put her hand around Gucci’s neck to show off. "You are formidable, darling."

"Hey." Xin Yi can’t care about her ex-boyfriend flirting with another woman anymore. She is only worried about Ji Cun Xi, afraid that he will really lose all he has at the gambling table. She pulls his sleeve secretly. "Hey, stop playing."

Ji Cun Xi looks calm. He glances at the bottom card that has just been dealt and says "One million."

"Huh?" Gucci is stunned and even Rebecca is speechless.

Xin Yi is even more nervous. "Hey, you must really stop playing!"

Ji Cun Xi ignores her and looks at Gucci in challenge. "One million, will you follow?"

Gucci feels a wave of anger. "All right, I follow."

The dealer deals the next card. Ji Cun Xi's cards are three As and the bottom card is K. Gucci’s cards are diamonds A, Q, J and the bottom card is 10.

"It’s my turn to call again." Ji Cun Xi smiles coolly. "One million."

Another one million? Gucci breathes hard and starts sweating.

"What are you afraid of?" Rebecca glares at him. "He only has three As at most. We may have a royal flush on our side. Follow!" She pushes out the chips for Gucci.

Ji Cun Xi frowns. "Then I bet that you won’t be a royal flush. Show hand!" He pushes out all his chips.

Everybody is stunned again. Is this man crazy?

The dealer deals the last card. Gucci turns it over. It’s a hearts K. He lets out a breath of relief. "Oh, that’s a pity. It’s only a straight but it’s enough to win your threes."

Ji Cun Xi is in no hurry to turn over his card. He looks at Xin Yi "You turn over the card."

"Me?" Xin Yi is surprised.

"Believe me, you will be my lucky girl." Ji Cun Xi eyes are certain.

Xin Yi is at a loss for words. His eyes are so absolute. Not knowing why, she feels that she can trust him. She slowly turns over the card. It’s a club K.

"Full House!" Everyone shouted. "He wins, he wins!"

Gucci starts to faint, he has lost more than two millions! "Just now that round doesn’t count. We play again!" He doesn’t know what to do and tries to wrangle out of the situation.

Ji Cun Xi looks down on him. "What did you say?"

"I said you betrayed me and slept with my woman. You make a cuckold out of me. Shouldn’t you compensate me a little?" Gucci is so unnerved he starts blathering.

What did he say? Xin Yi’s heart starts beating. Ji Cun Xi’s look hardens. "All right, since you want to take back the chips you lost, I’ll give you another chance."

"Really?" Gucci’s eyes brightened.

"Kneel down in front of her." Ji Cun Xi points to Xin Yi. "Say sorry."

"You want me... to kneel down in public?" Gucci’s face turns pale.

"Well? You can’t do it?"

Gucci hesitates for a moment and finally clench his teeth. Even if there is gold under a man’s kneel caps, it’s not as much as two millions dollars.

"I am sorry, Xin Yi." He really kneels down in front of her. "Please forgive me."

Xin Yi looks at him. She has mixed feelings and can’t talk.


"Why did you help me like that?"

On the deck, the sea wind is blowing slightly and the moon light shines on the waves far away. Xin Yi raises her hand to push back the hair that has been messed up by the wind and quietly ask the man besides her.

Ji Cun Xi does not answer and look far away. After a pause, he curves his lips and smiles stoically. "I only want to pass the time."

"Pass the time?"

"I had wanted to propose to my girlfriend tonight, but she ditched me at the last minute and flied to New York." He said quietly. "She is a ballet dancer and the dance group over there has invited her to join them. They even promised that she will be able to perform the leading role of ‘Swan Lake’ at the Lincoln Center."

Leading role of Swan Lake? Xin Yi closes her eyes and imagines a ballet dancer dressed in white dancing lightly on the stage. "She must be very outstanding." She praises him quietly.

"Of course she is outstanding." Ji Cun Xi says ironically. Otherwise he would not have fallen in love with her and even planned to propose to her.

Xin Yi looks at him. Not knowing why, she feels that his handsome face looks lonely. She feels a stir of emotions. "She will definitely be back soon! With you waiting for her here, she won’t bear to leave for long."

When Ji Cun Xi hears her, he turns around to look at her. "Are you feeling sorry for me?"

"No! How can I?" Xin Yi hurriedly waves her hands to clarify. "I myself... am the one in a mess, all right? I have been dumped by a jerk, incurred a huge debt and even uncomprehendingly slept... umm, with a stranger." As she says this, her voice becomes softer and a blush spreads across her face.

Ji Cun Xi glances at her embarrassed look and suddenly smiles. He takes the initiative to hold out his hand. "I am Ji Cun Xi."

"Ah!" Xin Yi hurriedly holds out her hand too. "I am called Chen Xin Yi."

The two of them shakes hand and suddenly feel a strange feeling going through their bodies. Xin Yi’s heart starts beating furiously.

"This is for you." Ji Cun Xi takes back his hand and gives her a chip.

She takes the clip puzzled. "Why give this to me?"

"This is a souvenir that can change a person’s life. Life is like a gamble. You can’t win every round but as long as the chip is in your hands, you will always have hope. Tonight you have won back your pride. You must always remember this. Your fate lies in your own hand, so don’t look down on yourself again."

Xin Yi looks at the chip. Her throat starts choking and her eyes sting. No one has ever said these words to her before. Everybody always think that she is not good enough and feels that she is not outstanding. Only he...

She holds the chip tightly and gives him a sweet smile through her tears. "Thank you! I will remember."

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