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[Translated by J-Star Supporter]
[Edited by Beauty_Karova]

One Year Later

The future Ji heir, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, is finally born. All the focus and attention is on him.

Granny loves him to death. Every time daddy picks him up, he is so gentle and careful, as if he is afraid to drop and break him. Any time he cries, mom would rush over to the crib. Dylan even fought to be godfather and gave him an art piece as his birthday gift.

That day, when Xin Yi is breastfeeding the baby in the nursery, she says, shaking her head, "We're spoiling this baby. He's going to grow up and become another prince."

"What's wrong with being a prince?" Cun Xi completely focuses on his wife feeding their baby. "He just has to be happy!" As long as his wife and son are happy, Cun Xi would give everything to them.

Xin Yi is smiling sweetly, "Oh yes, Anna sent us an invitation. She's going to be performing "Swan Lake" next month at Lincoln Center as the female lead."

"Congratulations to her!" Cun Xi is happy for his ex-girlfriend. "Do you want to go watch?"

"Of course" Xin Yi says without thinking twice. "This is her invitation to battle with me! How could I not accept?"

"I don't get you two. Should I call you two enemies? Or friends?" Cun Xi says smiling. This past year, Xin Yi and Anna have been keeping in touch through email, maintaining an ambiguous sort of relationship.

"Also, Dylan finally found a girlfriend. He'll introduce us to her the next time he's in Taiwan."

"Excellent!" Cun Xi is excited, finally being able to let go and stop worrying about his love rival.

"Even Granny, has started anew with her first love, Zhong Shan Da Shi. Everyone is living happily!"

"What about you?" Cun Xi asked.

"I'm the most happy. With you and the baby by my side, I'm the world's happiest woman." Xin Yi told him.

Cun Xi smiles back at Xin Yi, "I'm really the happiest man on earth."

Cun Xi slowly moves closer in and places his lips on his beloved wife, giving her a deep kiss....



Anonymous said...

tanx a lot for the english version of this novel..

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Thank you so much for translated this novel. Really appreciate it.
This is a very touching novel and series.

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Thank you very much for translating the novel! I love it!

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totally spoiled it for myself but this is gonna be great XD

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I am really being touch when I read this translation of FTLY novel. I just hope that in the continuously FTLY filming is still based on a novel. Just not be differences at all them both by the ending of the story I mean novel and film.
Thank You for someone who texted this english translation because I actually can't read chinese writing so well. You helped me a lot, thank you. Don't give up and not forget for uploading the next episodes of this FTLY film with an english subbed... thank you very much...

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Thank you for the translation! I really enjoyed the book, hope the drama follows it closely (I've only watched 7 eps)

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FTLY rules!!!!

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i'm looking forward for the part 2 of FTLY.i soo soo love the both of them..



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