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Chapter 8 - The Butterfly After Metamorphosis

[Translated by indescribable]

Curtains fall, lights on. The nostalgic longing of the two separated, in that moment, reconnects from the start.

In order to expand the company’s business, Cun Xi arrives in Shanghai, not knowing that there he would discover Xin Yi’s figure. Cun Xi greedily wants to solely possess all of Xin Yi’s pieces of work, not caring how expensive or cheap the price, he still wants to stay by her side……unknowingly he has already set his mind and heart!

Two Years Later, Shanghai.

In order to inspect Mo Fa Ling’s expansion status in China, Cun Xi personally flies to Shanghai, and naturally his assistant Anson accompanies him.

After holding a meeting with the company branch and factory manager, Cun Xi also took the convenient opportunity to meet with several investors, discussing company prospects in Hong Kong.

During the few short days in Shanghai, five, six meetings were held, and in the evening he would also entertain clients. Cun Xi isn’t tired, but Anson, the one following him running everywhere, is tired to death, and cries out:

“Boss, your work doesn’t have to be to THIS extreme, right? You still need to rest a little once in a while.”

“If you’re tired, go back to the hotel first.” Not even glancing at him once, Cun Xi ignores him to read the business report.

With the boss still working, how could he, the assistant, dare take a break? Anson sighs. Before, although the boss was serious, he still wouldn’t work day and night like a workaholic; these two years seemed like he went crazy, never stopping, not even having time to marry his girlfriend Anna.


“Oh right, I almost forgot.” Cun Xi suddenly lifts up his head. “The manager who helps Granny purchase art items opened an art gallery in Shanghai; heard it has a lot of Master Zhong San Long’s work for sale. Anson, go find the location of the art gallery, I want to go choose a present for Granny.”

“Yes, I’ll go immediately.”

After Anson retreated, Cun Xi stares off into space.

Ever since Xin Yi miscarried two years ago, after leaving a note and then taking off, Granny has been unhappy, missing Xin Yi, and her heart also aching for the precious great-grandchild who didn’t make it out into the world.

He has no way of finding Xin Yi back, and at this time cannot give Granny another great-grandchild, buying a ceramic piece to please her would be good too, hopefully she can be a little happier…

“Boss, I found the address.” Anson reports back.

Cun Xi nods, and after finishing work, immediately went with Anson to the art gallery. The art gallery has a very high-class atmosphere; one exhibition room specifically for the display of Zhong San Long’s pieces.

In there Cun Xi wanders, carefully choosing, when suddenly he heard a familiar voice.

“Xiao Li, have my pieces already been put on display?”

Is it Xin Yi? Cun Xi is shocked, hurriedly chasing out of the room, looking left and right. A woman turns around the hallway corner, and in that one short second, he already recognizes that it is Xin Yi, no mistake.

Stunned, he stands still, heart wildly pumping. After what seemed like a long time did he slowly follow.

He watches as Xin Yi discusses several newly displayed pieces of art with one of the art gallery workers, and in fact those displayed are her own work!

“I wonder, the first one to buy my pieces of work, who will it be?” Xin Yi murmurs, a little embarrassedly. “Shouldn’t be that no one will want to buy it, right?”

“How could that be?” the worker comforts her. “Even Master Zhong San is proud of you, this apprentice of his; don’t worry, there will definitely be someone who knows how to admire your work.”

“Then I’ll hope that’s how it’ll be.” Xin Yi smiles slightly, and after bidding goodbye to the worker, shoulders a beautiful single-strap bag, leaving the art gallery.

Cun Xi secretly follows, and Anson seeing the boss doing weird antics, comes over. “What is it? Boss…eh? Isn’t that…” He discovers Xin Yi, his whole self in shock.

Xin Yi jumps into a taxi, and Cun Xi also immediately flags another one over. “Anson, go back by yourself first!” After saying this sentence, he orders the driver to follow the car ahead.

After cutting through many roads and streets, Xin Yi gets out of the car at a quite modern-looking house. Cun Xi is just about to get out after her, when he suddenly sees another man walking towards her.

It’s……Dylan? He furrows his brow, watching Xin Yi and Dylan talking and laughing, walking shoulder-to-shoulder into the house, his heart progressively sinking.

So they are living together. He slowly ponders this. Two years ago Xin Yi left, not returning to Jiang Mu Island, her parents also not willing to inform him of her outcome. Turns out she had come to Shanghai with Dylan, Dylan opening an art gallery, and she studying the art of pottery under Master Zhong San.

Should he give her his blessing? She finally fulfilled her dream of becoming a pottery artist, and also found a good man……

Cun Xi aiya, jealousy bubbling up in his chest, all of it surging up without stopping. He loiters in front of the house for a very long time, before having the taxi driver bring him back to the art gallery, and in one breath buys all of Xin Yi’s pieces of work.

He can’t have her, then let him have all of her pieces of work!

At night, he takes a plane to leave Shanghai, expressionlessly commanding Anson that the incident of seeing Xin Yi is not allowed to be mentioned to anyone.

* * * * *
“You’re saying someone bought all of my pieces?” Xin Yi received the worker’s telephone call, but was not daring to believe it. “Who was it?”

“I don’t know, he was very mysterious, didn’t leave down his last name; he just said he wanted all of your work to be reserved and mailed to him in the future.”

“Mail to where? Did he leave down an address?”

“It’s a Taiwanese address, but it’s not his personal one, it’s his management’s address.”

“Oh, so it’s like that…thank you.” Xin Yi hangs up dejectedly.

“What is it?” Dylan curiously asks from the side.

Xin Yi relays the conversation to him, and Dylan grins widely. “Isn’t that good? You got your first customer, looks like he really appreciates your work, will probably become your loyal fan.”

“My fan?” Xin Yi blushes in excitement. The newly debuted her, also has fans?

“So from now on, you need to keep working hard to create pieces, cannot fail to meet the expectations people have for you.”

“I definitely will!” Her eyes glow brightly. No matter who that person is, she will still thank him deeply, and definitely will not let him down.

Anyway, it is the first fan that she has!

* * * * *
Unable to be her man, he can only be her fan, only hoping that from now on her path will go very smoothly, her career thriving.

He knows that the her who always lacks self-confidence really needs tangible encouragement, and being able to quietly support her like this, he should feel satisfied, shouldn’t think too much……

“Cun Xi, what are you thinking about?” Anna’s voice brings him out of his thoughts. “Why does it seem like your heart is uneasy?”

“It’s nothing, just thinking about company things.” Cun Xi takes a sip of his coffee. “Oh right, you asked me to come out to eat today, is anything up?”

“What, if there’s nothing I can’t look for you?” Anna pouted. “We are boyfriend and girlfriend, does going on a date need to have a reason?”

Cun Xi doesn’t say anything.

Anna watches his expression, suddenly feeling very uneasy, recently she feels that he is drifting away farther and farther. Even though he is still very gentle towards her, a lot of intimacy is missing; between two people, there is a peculiar, ambiguous distance separating them.

To draw back his heart, once she recovered, choosing to stay in Taiwan to open a dancing school, she emotionally prepared herself for marriage, and gave up her choice to keep a good figure, willing to bear children for him, but in fact it is he who is not hurried at all.

He said these two years Mo Fa Ling Enterprise is expanding very fast, and as the director he must put all his strength into it. But is it really because of work? Or does he have other worries……

Anna doesn’t dare to think too much. “Cun Xi, my birthday is almost here, could you give me a birthday present?”

“You say it.”

“I’m thinking, can you accompany me on a vacation for a few days? Just three, four days would be good.”

“Three, four days?” Cun Xi raised his eyebrows.

“Let’s go to Shanghai, okay? Shanghai’s theatre is currently holding ‘Swan Lake’ performances, and it’s by the Ji Luo Fu [note: I’m not sure how to translate the name] Ballet Company too!” Anna smiles sweetly, pulling out a woman’s ultimate, sure-to-win weapon and acting coy. “Say yes, come with me to see it.”

Cun Xi stares at her. “You’re saying we go to……Shanghai?”


* * * * *
Shanghai, The Bund.

In the slight evening fog, the lights are turned on, casting light onto the colonial-era Western architecture and making it look even more elegant. The waves of light reflecting off the Huangpu River is from the modern Oriental Pearl Tower on the opposite shore.

The two shores of the river, one new one old, telling of Shanghai’s legendary history.

Cun Xi and Anna stroll along from the watchtower, at times stopping at the railing, admiring the river scenery. Hawkers try to persuade Anna to buy their candy, and Anna shakes her hand to refuse.

“Cun Xi, you say it, isn’t it beautiful?” She clings tightly to his side.

“Yeah, it’s not bad.”

“Help me take a picture?”

“Okay.” Cun Xi takes out a camera, putting into focus the Anna standing under the streetlight.

He doesn’t notice that when he was taking the picture, Xin Yi and Dylan just happened to walk by behind him.

“How is it? Coming out and talking a walk, does it make you feel a bit more relaxed?” Dylan gently asks Xin Yi. Recently she agreed to offer one of her own works up for an auction, and to create a piece of work that satisfies her, she has been using all her strength and effort. He can’t stand her suffering so much, so he took her out for a little stroll.

“Don’t worry, I’m a lot better.” Xin Yi smiles. “I mean it, I need to thank you, Dylan. These two years you’ve kept supporting me, caring for me; if it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t have been able to get to today. You really are my best friend!”

“Only a friend?” Dylan asks, seeming to be serious.

She stares blankly.

“Nevermind, it’s nothing.” Seeing her innocent expression, Dylan takes the initiative to change the topic. “The auction is in a few days, which piece of work have you decided on taking out?”

“I haven’t decided yet, I still don’t feel completely satisfied.”

“Still not satisfied? Master Zhong San already said that your work has improved a lot, has a very unique style. You already won’t lose to any famous artist.”

“‘Good’ still needs to be even better ––– !”

* * * * *
Originally Anna came to Shanghai mainly because she wanted to see the “Swan Lake” performance, but who would’ve thought that perhaps having walked too long along The Bund, she would wake up the next morning not feeling very well, head feeling heavy and appearing to have a cold and fever.

Cun Xi bought medicine for her to take, staying with her in the hotel room to rest. In the evening, she urges Cun Xi to go watch the performance.

“The tickets have already been bought, not seeing it will be a waste. And since I want to sleep anyways, you’ll be bored being here alone.”

After she begs more, Cun Xi answers with a nod, and goes to the Shanghai theatre alone. By the time he enters, the lights are already dimmed. On the other side there is also a woman quietly feeling her way in, and the two sit down, separated by Anna’s empty seat.

The curtains lift, the show beginning, with the white swan gently and somberly dancing.

Cun Xi watches the performance on the stage, and couldn’t help but think of he and Anna’s unexpected meeting when he went to watch her first performance, falling in love with her bold manner, and her courage to immediately pick herself up after falling. He thought he had found his real soulmate, but time after time she would fly far away from him.

He knows he shouldn’t restrain her, her life belongs to dancing, meant to shine brightly, just that sometimes he would feel lonely…… and then, Xin Yi appeared.

She is an unattractive girl, really unattractive, he didn’t feel that he would fall in love with her, yet she somehow brings out his heart’s softest spot.

She is very simple and pure, used by her ex-boyfriend; very foolish, willing to believe that every person has a good side; very clumsy, unable to do anything well; but very gentle, always at the right time comforting him when he is hurt.

If Anna is like the sun’s blinding light in the eye, at times hurting people, then she is like the moon, very quiet, not reminding others of her own existence. Only people willing to use their hearts will be able to find her.

He found her, yet hurt her, and then lost her……

Cun Xi suddenly feels very uncomfortable, hearing quiet sobs coming from the next seat, causing his heart to feel even more painful. He takes out his handkerchief, hoping that the woman would stop crying, stop causing him to also want to cry ––––

* * * * *
Xin Yi gives a silent thanks, using the handkerchief to wipe away tears, feeling very uncomfortable and very embarrassed.

Looks like she has affected other people’s dance watching mood, but it’s just that she really is sad, from the depths of her heart.

Seeing the black swan onstage dancing so angrily and wildly, watching her agitated continuous spinning, Xin Yi suddenly thought that, the Anna onstage is probably also that eye-catching and outstanding.

No wonder Cun Xi would fall in love with her so devotedly……

The curtains lift and the lights come up, the entire audience standing to applaud and Xin Yi also stands to clap loudly. She turns around, wanting to thank the person who lent her the handkerchief, and is surprisingly unable to speak.

Cun Xi also recognizes her, and the two stare at each other. Behind their eyes are complex emotions: torment, sadness, longing, heartache; hundreds of tastes mixed in the chest.

“Xin Yi…” What does Cun Xi want to say?

Xin Yi suddenly darts away, turning around and running. Cun Xi hurriedly chases after her, the two pushing through the crowds leaving the theatre, in a game of hide-and-seek tag. Suddenly, Xin Yi hits someone, nearly falling, and Cun Xi catches her from behind.

He holds her in his arms, staring deeply at her.

She shudders, unable to breathe, looking at his handsome face just as it was like before – he still is a prince, always a prince!

She suddenly hated herself, angry at her cowardice, wanting to run away upon seeing him. Hasn’t she already changed? Not that silly sticky-note girl anymore!

“Hi.” She pushes him off, then greeting him with a smile. “It’s been a while, how are you?”

“I…” In fact, it is Cun Xi who is still in a daze. “Very good.”

“Then what about Grandma? Is her health well?”


“I heard Anna is staying in Taiwan to open a dancing school. I really congratulate you, you two must be getting married really soon, right?”

“Getting married?” Cun Xi is shocked.

“When it’s time don’t forget to send me an invitation, I will give you two a very wonderful wedding gift.”

“You…” Cun Xi stares at her. How can she so calmly talk about he and Anna getting married? She doesn’t care about him anymore? Towards him, she doesn’t even have a little bit of love lingering?

How miserable, how painful!

Tasting the bitterness, with nothing to say, Cun Xi watches as Xin Yi leaves. Her retreating figure is very squared, very straight, with a confidence and strength that he had never seen before.

She seems to have……changed, not the Chen Xin Yi he knows anymore……

He returned to the hotel in a daze, the whole night in a stupor. The next day Anna asked him how the show was, and he was completely unable to answer anything correctly.

* * * * *
Xin Yi also agitatedly spent the night without sleeping.

She returned to the office, vigorously kneading the clay, then baking it into a product, with Master Zhong San saying that it is her most exciting piece of work to date.

Three days later, she gives the piece of work to the auctioneer, who is very happy.

“Thank you, Miss Chen, this piece of work is very special, I believe it will definitely be able to get a high price.”

“This piece of work really is very good.” Even Dylan loves it so much that he can’t let go. “I think I should just buy it.”

“You? Don’t kid around!” Xin Yi shakes her head.

“You think I’m joking? I’m serious!” Dylan is very solemn. “Such a precious piece of artwork, if I was to miss it now, how can I achieve fame in the world of art?”

Xin Yi sees his determination, on one side feeling very happy that her piece received the famous art broker’s approval; on the other side she couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed. She is unwilling to sell away the piece that is so full of her feelings, having an urge to just buy it back herself.

She hides in a corner, wanting to see who would bid on her work. She didn’t think she would see Cun Xi and Anna enter the room together.

They’re here too?

She freezes in shock. Dylan, noticing her change of expression, softly pats her hand, comforting her. “They are probably here to bid on Master Zhong San’s pieces.”

“I know.” Xin Yi agrees, she definitely wouldn’t think that Cun Xi was here to bid on her work. Just that after suddenly meeting him again that night at the theatre, and seeing him again today, her emotions are fluctuating, and she is unable to keep her calm.

She watches he and Anna whispering in each other’s ears, Anna smiling slightly.

What are they saying? She cannot help but wonder, yet also hating herself for this sort of thinking.

Ji Cun Xi…already has nothing to do with her, right?

* * * * *
After smoothly auctioning off Zhong San Long’s most recent pieces of work, Cun Xi originally planned on leaving immediately, almost time to rush to the airport.

But the workers pushed out the next piece of work, suddenly causing his heart to shake, eyes glued, unable to remove.

It is a round pot, like a vase, and also like a bowl. At the side, there is a butterfly looking so real and lively that it seems as if it will fly away any moment. The paint is clear like water, gentle like the moon.

It’s her piece of work!

Cun Xi recognized that it is Xin Yi’s creation with one glance, her method of glaze is extremely special, with a very unique style, he could tell.

“This piece of work is called ‘Metamorphosis’.” The host introduces it with a smile. “It’s Miss Chen Xin Yi’s newest creation.”

Metamorphosis? Is she talking about that butterfly? Or is she symbolizing me?

He has to buy it!

Cun Xi set his mind, not caring how Anna hurries him to go catch the plane, sits down, and raises his sign to bid.

But he isn’t the only one wanting to bid on that auction item, several people bidding at the same time with him. When the bidding price becomes higher and higher, people gradually drop out, until there is only one other person persistently competing with him.

He turns back to look, and suddenly realizes that his competitor is Dylan.

The two men exchange a glance, both seeing in the other’s eyes a fierce will to fight.

Cun Xi turns back around, continuing to bid. No matter what kind of price Dylan puts out, he would not step back, and in a little while, the bidding price goes over ten million.

Surprised murmurs fill the entire room, some people gasping. Even though the piece is pretty good, it isn’t some really amazing piece, right? Is there really a need to bid so high?

“Eleven million!” Dylan shouts.

“Twelve million!” Cun Xi shouts.

“Fifteen million.”

“Twenty million!” Cun Xi’s words came out, and the whole room was in shock.

Dylan wrinkles his eyebrows, wondering whether or not to continue bidding. Xin Yi isn’t able to endure it anymore, running out to stop it. “Enough! Neither of you bid anymore!”

She turns to Cun Xi, pupils lit with a blazing fire. “Forget it already, my work will definitely not be sold to you!”

She coldly shouts, and Cun Xi’s face changes its colour. The two converse with their stares, an extraordinary electric current seeming to form in the air.

Anna feels uncomfortable and hurriedly clutches onto Cun Xi’s arm tightly, dragging him away from the scene.

* * * * *
A few days later, Zhen Zhu caught the news from friends that in Shanghai, Cun Xi bid against Dylan for Xin Yi’s piece of work, immediately finds Anson, ordering him to find out Xin Yi’s outcome.

Anson struggled for half a day, in the end confessing that Cun Xi had actually known Xin Yi was in Shanghai earlier, and had been continuing to purchase her pieces of work.

“So Cun Xi was always quietly supporting Xin Yi?” Zhen Zhu is very excited, eyes looking up right and left in thought, a plan brewing in her head. “Anson, do me a favour, go to all the large newspapers and post a big front page announcement.”

“What announcement?”

Zhen Zhu smiles, but says nothing.

Two days later, in all of Shanghai’s main newspapers appeared a very large announcement at the same time, written ––––

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