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Chapter 4

[Translated by wyng]
[Edited by Beauty_Karova]

Despite her new status, Xin Yi doesn't feel like a married woman.

Cun Xi comes home drunk. Xin Yi takes care of him all night in spite of the fact that she is unwell and that her husband whispers another woman's name. Because of this accident, Cun Xi feels angry with himself. Will the blissfulness bowl that Dylon gives Xin Yi really brings her happiness?

He wants to sign an agreement with her, stating in it that the marriage between them will cease with the baby's birth. Not only will he give her a large sum of money, he will also deposit a fixed amount into her bank account every month.

Even if one day she has to leave the Ji Family, as long as she signs these papers, she doesn’t have to worry about her future.

She can actually disagree with the terms, because her status in the Ji Family is safe as long as granny and the baby are around. But she doesn't have the heart to see him fret over the issue and accepts the agreement.

She silently signs the papers and while he is not looking, she quietly erases the alimony portion with correction fluid. She doesn’t want his money because she believes that she still has the ability to fend for herself. She just wishes that, when the time comes, he’ll take good care of their baby and give him a happy environment to grow up in.

This is all she hopes for. Apart from that, she does not dare to think further. Neither is she in the position to think.

She smiles bitterly at her own situation and boards the bus.

Once the banquet ended, Granny had planned to bring Xin Yi back to the Ji’s residence, but Xin Yi’s parents couldn’t bear to let her leave so soon so they decided to keep her for the night. Xin Yi’s Mum instructed her the rules she will have to abide by being a daughter-in-law while Xin Yi’s Father cried over the sudden marriage of his daughter.

The next morning, Xin Yi packed her belongings and waited for Cun Xi to pick her up. She waited all day but Cun Xi did not turn up as promised.

Xin Yi called Cun Xi up. He was in the midst of a meeting and, left with no choice, Xin Yi had to take a cab back to the Ji’s residence instead.

She knows that he did it on purpose as he does not want to face the reality of their forced marriage. That is why he pretends to have no time to fetch her home and ignores her. She doesn’t blame him for behaving this way, because their marriage was as sudden as it was ludicrous. She understands his reasons for being mad.

She would never have thought that despite being married, she would still be forgotten by her bridegroom, in the same way the surrounding people ignored her existence. The reality is so different from what she has imagined—her prince coming to fetch her and not forgetting about her…

“Well, there isn’t much choice, because I’m not the Princess.” Xin Yi mumbles to herself. The real princess is Anna, the only woman that Cun Xi wanted to marry all along. “To him, I’m just a burden..” She and the baby are responsibilities that Cun Xi has no choice but to face up with.

Xin Yi sighs and looks out of the bus window dazedly. The scenery along the road passes by quickly besides her and suddenly, an advertisement board catches her attention.

[Ceramic Exhibition of Master Zhong Shan Long]

Master Zhong Shan Long is the ceramic master she respects the most and being an outstanding ceramicist has always been her dream. But a dream is just a dream. She’s just an ordinary girl. She wouldn’t be able to achieve this dream.

Looking at the advertisement, she has an idea and quickly gets off the bus. Standing in front of the exhibition hall, she does not expect that it’s past the opening hours and the door is locked.

At this moment, one of the men who stood on the staircase talking to his friend notices her. His eyes brighten and he walks to her. “Xin Yi!”

She is stunned by his cheerful face. “You’re..?”

“I’m Dylon. Have you forgotten about me?” He looks a little hurt upon her oversight. “We’ve meet each other in the church. We got to know each other thanks to some naughty kids.”

“Oh Yes.” She remembered. Those kids address him affectionately as “Daddy Dylon” and jokingly say they want to pair him with “Mummy Xin Yi”.

Xin Yi is feeling embarrassed as she was only worrying about her baby’s issue that day and does not have a very clear impression of Dylon. “I’m sorry that I did not recognize you just now.”

“Oh…that hurts!” Dylon replies with an illusive smile . “Do you know that females can’t get their mind off me and will always think about me once they seen me?”

Xin Yi was a little amused by his words. How can he be so arrogant? But from his good looks, red lips and white teeth, he does have some potential of seduction.

“Are you here for the Ceramic Exhibition?” she asks. “You’re also interested in ceramics?”

He doesn’t answer her question. “How about you? Heard from the orphanage kids that you’re pretty good at it.”

“No, not at all. It's just an hobby.” She shakes her head embarrassedly and sighs. “Too bad that I'm late and the exhibition hall is closed.”

“Do you really want to see it?”

“Yes. Master Zhong Shan Long is my most admired master and I’ve always wished to see his ceramic pieces.”

There is a quick flash in Dylon’s eyes and he suddenly smiles. “Follow me then.”

“What?” Xin Yi is lost. While still trying to figure out what was happening, she is pulled by Dylon through a side door and into the exhibition hall. He presses the button from somewhere and the hall is lighted up. She is stunned. “Is it allowed to do this? Dylon, how can we sneak in here like this...”

“It’s alright. Don’t worry.” Dylon raises his hand and stops her from continuing further. “I thought you were very keen to see Master Zhong Shan Long’s pieces? Take a good look then.”

There’s no need for Dylon to say this, because Xin Yi’s is already admiring Master Zhong Shan Long’s work. She is full of praises for his works. She suddenly stops in front of a piece of ceramic work.

It’s a big bowl with a very rounded shape. Despite the very thin outer layer, it gives out a very thick and solid feeling with dizzy light and warmth.

She stares at the bowl with awe. On the surface it’s a piece of very ordinary artwork, but it just fills up her heart with a very strong sense of sour sweetness.

“You seem to be very fond of this bowl.” Dylon notices.

“Yes.” She nods. “It gives me a very strange feeling.”

“What feelings ?”

“I feel…blissful.”


“Take a look... Despite the shape being very rounded but the outer layer very thin, though it seems like it breaks easily, the enamel colour gives people a sense of solidness and stability. Isn’t that what being blissful is all about? On one hand enabling us to feel warm and safe, but on the other hand also makes us feel the fear of standing on thin ice.”

Dylon listens on, with the glow in his eyes sinking. After a long while, he asks Xin Yi softly “What’s your definition for being blissful?”

“Being blissful…” Xin Yi smiled mistily. “is when there’s additional vegetable on my lunch; when you’re squeezing on the bus, others would let you get on first; when it’s your birthday, there’s people who’ll celebrate together with you; or when you’re playing hide-and-seek, your friends will find you first..”

“This is what you mean by…being blissful?” Dylon frowns. It’s all so minor!

“Yes. Very simple isn’t it?” Xin Yi smiles faintly. But to her, it's something that’s very difficult to fulfil.

Dylon looked at her with deep thoughts within. He notices there’s a slight loneliness behind her faint smile. He has a sudden thought and when he is about to say it out, Xin Yi’s handphone rings. She hurriedly picks it up, afraid that it will alert the security guards of the exhibition hall.

“Hi. I’m Xin Yi.” She lowers her voice while speaking. “It’s you, Granny…Wedding Photos? I guess there’s no need for it, because I think Cun Xi is not free…Alright, I understand. I’ll be right there.” She hangs up the phone.

“Eh? Did I hear that you’re going to take wedding photos?” Dylon is curious. “Don’t tell me you got married because of your baby?”

How does he know? Xin Yi blushes with a guilt conscience.

“Oh no. You’re really planning to get married because of the baby?” He shockingly raises his voice.

She is embarrassed and nervous. “I…I got to go. It’s was a pleasure to meet you today. Bye Bye!” She turns her back and was ready to go.

“Wait!” Dylon holds on to her and looks at her for quite awhile. “Allow me to give you a wedding gift!”

“Wedding gift?”

“Yes.” He brings her back to the door of the exhibition hall and gets her to wait outside. Ten minutes later, he is back with a big paper box and passes it to her with a smile on his face. “For you.”

She receives the gift and thanks Dylon vacuously. It isn't till she steps into the Ji’s residence that she opens up the box. One look inside it and it almost takes away her breath!

The gift is that special bowl!

How is that possible? Xin Yi can’t believe it. That man not only brings her to the exhibition hall after opening hours, he can even give her a ceramic piece of Master Zhong Shan Long. This man – WHO IS HE?

Inside the box is there's a message written on the card with very graceful handwriting :

I hope this bowl will bring you happiness and blissfulness!

Blissfulness? Xin Yi is stunned. Will she be able to achieve it?


Blissfulness... is indeed far from sight for Xin Yi.

When she first enters the Ji Family, her husband takes upon the excuse of going outstation for official business and is not around for a few days. Servants in house seem to know that their young master does not fancy her and thus are not that friendly towards her. They do not even talk to her respectfully.

Granny Zhen Zhu calls her into her room and tells her that she’s the new lady master of the house so now the whole household of the Ji Family is in her charge. Xin Yi is afraid and tells her that she still has a job. However, Granny already attended to her resignation and as the daughter-in-law of the Ji Family doesn’t have to work, she should just concentrate on being Mrs Ji Cun Xi’s.

Granny also encourages her to be firm with the servants in the house. But how can Xin Yi do it, when her own husband is ignoring her and that she's used to always giving in to others?

Xin Yi feels very troubled. Since she’s married into the Ji Family, she has no choice but to start learning how to be the lady master of the house, for the sake of the future of her baby.

And so, she starts to get used to the new surroundings. Not only the decoration of the Ji’s residence is very posh and exquisite, there’s even a few goats being reared at one corner of their huge garden and a few crocodiles being feed in the pond. Granny says goat’s milk and crocodile’s blood is being fed to Cun Xi since young to help stabilize the poor condition of his health. Being the only heir of the Ji’s family, in order to avoid the god’s jealousy towards him, Cun Xi is dressed up and attended to like a girl since childhood.

He actually wore girl’s clothing? When Xin Yi flips through the family’s album and sees pictures of Cun Xi in girl’s clothing, she can’t help but laugh.

The prince was once a “princess” when he was young!

She looks at the album with curiosity, staring at his baby pictures. It was only till primary school days that he began wearing boys’ clothing. And he does look very cute and noble in the suit with shorts and bow tie!

Being a legendary person during his teenager days – Reciting, Debating, Piano… he had won plenty of trophies from minor and major competitions. He was also selected as Chairman for Class Reunion Committee and Student Committee during his days in college and university.

What follow is the days when he starts working – Handsome, Charismatic and a real Prince. And there, standing besides him, is a graceful and beautiful woman, with a pair of eyes beaming with confidence.

This woman is... Anna?

Seeing Xin Yi gazing at Anna’s picture, Granny senses something wrong and quickly grabs over the album. “Don’t take it too hard. Now the Young mistress is you and I acknowledge only you as my daughter-in-law.” Granny seriously assures her.

But Cun Xi only loves Anna.

Though there’s a sense of bitterness inside her, Xin Yi considerately does not mentioned a word about how she feel. Instead, she continues chatting with Granny about the bits and pieces of the growing up of Cun Xi. Though the elderly love to go on forever in their reminiscences of the past, Xin Yi is still very enthusiastic in knowing and understanding more about Cun Xi.

“And Xin Yi, since you’re married into our family, please take good care of Cun Xi in the future.” Granny gently reminds her. “That is why there are some rules that you need to remember on his behalf.”

“What rules?”

“No cold drinks in the morning except a glass of lukewarm milk. Alcohol is only allowed after lunch and there must be a limit to it. The taste of meals for dinner must not be too heavy, less consummation of cholesterol, fruits must be available for all three meals in the day and the maximum reading for driving speed is sixty kilometers per hour...”

“Sixty kilometers per hour?” Does she hear it correctly?

“That’s right.” Granny is very serious. “I don’t allow him to speed drive. It’s too dangerous.”

But isn’t 60km/hr too slow? Xin Yi sticks out her tongue but still continues to pay attention to Granny’s long list of rules. “Will he follow them?” Cun Xi’s not a kindergarten kid anyway.

“Of course he will!” Granny is very proud of herself. “Cun Xi is a very filial grandson!”

But Granny’s sense of pride for Cun Xi only last for a few hours. Late in the night, Cun Xi is finally back, but he is drunk.

Granny is so angry that her face is twisted. “Cun Xi, did Granny tell you that there should be a limit to how much you can drink? Look at you now. What’s if your body can’t take it? What has Anson been doing? I warned him not to let you drink so much. I’m going to call him now and ask him why…”

“It’s me… erm… It’s me… who wanted to drink…Grandma, don’t blame it on Anson.” Cun Xi is burping and stammers as he walks up the stairs. He is swaying from side to side and almost fells down the stairs.

Xin Yi quickly goes up and supports him from behind. “Be careful.”

Cun Xi feels a feminine touch on his back. “Is that you…Anna?”

Xin Yi heart sinks. “It’s me, Xin Yi.” She replies softly to Cun Xi’s question.

“Oh yeah. How can I forget?” Cun Xi mocks himself. “There’s a wife at home…waiting for me.” He shakes off her hands and climbs up the stairs unsteadily.

“This silly boy! How can he get himself so drunk?” Granny is very troubled over Cun Xi’s behaviour. “Xin Yi, I’ll leave Cun Xi to your care then.”

“Yes.” Xin Yi nods and follows behind Cun Xi back to his bedroom.

After vomiting in the restroom, Cun Xi sits down dispirited on the floor. Though his mental state is unclear now, Xin Yi doesn’t mind at all and starts clearing the mess on him with a towel.

There’s a strong smell of liquor on his body, even in his breath. Perhaps normal ladies will feel annoyed handling this type of situation, but not for Xin Yi. No matter how pathetic or unlikeable he is right now, all she can thought of is how the prince who weaves a princess dream for her and saves her from the pitiful plight on the cruise, his gentleness underneath his pre-eminent behaviour and words he says when he gives the token to her as a memento.

“I’m so sorry to have got you into this marriage and made you buried your sorrows in liquor.” She murmurs while trying her best to drag him onto the bed and help him to take off his socks and shoes. After unbuttoning his shirt, Xin Yi sees Cun Xi’s tanned and very manly chest. Suddenly, her heart beats more quickly and she immediately turns away from the sight.

“Anna…” He still mistakes Xin Yi with another woman.

“No…I’m not…I’m…” She stiffly swallows back her own name and decides to go along with the misunderstanding. Right now, he must be wishing for the woman he loves to be by his side.

“Anna! I’m sorry…I didn’t do it on purpose…Its Granny who forced me to marry her…I didn't want to betray you but…She’s pregnant with my child…I can’t leave her in the lurch. I’m sorry…I’m sorry…” He grabs Xin Yi’s hands and keeps apologizing.

Xin Yi listens with sorrows in her heart. He refuses to let her apologize so easily, but right now he himself is apologizing to another woman— “Cun Xi, I don’t blame you at all.” She consoles him gently. “Just sleep. Take a good sleep and stop thinking so much.”

“You…really don’t blame me?”

“Yes. I don’t blame you.” She looks at him with kindness in her eyes, telling him the “lie” he wants to hear.

He smiles, opens his eyes and looks at her in stupor. And suddenly, he takes her by the neck and before she can react, Cun Xi kisses her on the lips.

It is a very light kiss, as light as a feather. So full of compassion that it strummers her heart.

“Thank you so much...” He tells her. But the next minute, Cun Xi brings her back to reality. “...Anna.”

It’s Anna, not her! The person he thought he kissed was the illusion of his lover, not Xin Yi who’s right in front of him now.

Xin Yi sighs. She signed at her own foolishness and imagination of Cun Xi loving her. She carefully covers Cun Xi with a blanket and places his favourite Strawberry pattern blanket beside him on the bed.

Sitting at the side of the bed, Xin Yi looks at Cun Xi’s peaceful and innocent face. “Good Night.”


The following morning, Cun Xi wakes up with a headache.

Holding his head and half getting up from his bed, Cun Xi is angry with himself over the fact that he is unable to hold his image in the public after having a drop too much at the bar last night.

Taking a deep breath, he notices a lukewarm glass of Honey Lemon glass placed besides the bed. He drinks from the it and his headache slowly gets better.

Cun Xi is very curious about the considerate person who prepared such a glass of fruit juice for him. And at this time, he catches sight of a women sleeping on the sofa and slips down from bed for a closer look.

It's Xin Yi. She's curled up on the sofa with a thin blanket and it seems to be cold as she is shivering lightly.

“This silly woman!” Cun Xi frowns. After getting a blanket, Cun Xi covers her with it but it wakes Xin Yi up.

“You’re up?” She quickly gets up and is blinking her sleepy eyes.

“Why are you sleeping on the sofa?” His asks with snappiness.

“I…I didn’t know where I could sleep.” She awkwardly tries to explain herself. “I can’t sleep in another room and if Granny knows about it, she will be very unpleased.”

She’s right. If Granny knows that they’re not sharing the bed like normal husband and wife, she’ll be mad. “In the future, I’ll sleep on the sofa and you’ll take the bed.” He stares at her with sulkiness.

“No I can’t!” She protests, shaking her hands vigorously. “That is your bedroom! How can I occupy your bed?”


“It’s alright. The sofa’s big and comfortable enough for me.” She always gives in to others, but on this issue, she is surprisingly persistent.

Since she doesn’t mind, then I shouldn’t either. Moreover, it’s impossible that I’ll share the same bed with her. Much to his chagrin, Cun Xi’s still curious. “Did you prepare that glass of juice?”

“Yes, I did. Have you drunk it? Has it gone cold?” She asks him in a worried tone.

“No, it didn’t.”

“That’s great.” She sounds relieved. “Granny reminded me that you’re not allowed to take cold drinks in the morning so woke up at 5 to change another glass for you. I was worried that the previous glass has gone cold.”

At 5? Cun Xi is astounded. She specially got up so early just to change a hot drink for me? Don’t tell me she woke up a few times through the night just to do this?

“To play it safe...” She reminds him. “You should take another glass of the juice in 30 min and you’ll get better from the hangover.”

“You seem to be very experienced in handling such situations?” Does her ex -boyfriends got drunk often? Cun Xi wonders himself.

“No…It’s my Dad!” She laughs. “Every time he got drunk, he’ll have a serious hangover the next day. Tea or milk has no effect on him so the best choice is fruit juice.”

He doesn’t say anything but looks at her. She notices it and doesn't dare to continue on. The atmosphere becomes rather stiff.

Though they are newly wed, it is not because they love each other. Moreover, they even signed a divorce agreement after that. Both of them feel uneasy and do not have the slightest idea how to get along with each other and their marriage.

“Erm…I…” When Xin Yi finally gathers all courage to speak, she feels a sudden rush of nausea and immediately dashes to the restroom to vomit, though nothing comes out.

“Are you alright?” Cun Xi is shocked to see her like this.

“I’m ok. I’m jus feeling a little...nausea. I will be alright in awhile.”

“Its morning sickness…” Cun Xi is thinking. Though he’s not familiar with the general knowledge of pregnancy, he at least knows that many pregnant mothers do have morning sickness problems.

Being unwell herself, she still managed to take care of me last night when I was drunk. How can such a silly woman exist? What has he done to deserve such care and concern from her? He purposely left her alone for a few days after their marriage. How can he be considered a good husband after all these had happened?

“Don’t worry. I’m fine now.” Assuring Cun Xi, Xin Yi smiles and walks out of the restroom after surviving the physical uneasiness.

Looking at her pale face, Cun Xi suddenly feels mad at himself. Very, very mad…


Cun Xi’s anger does not stop right there. It extends to breakfast time and it startles all the servants in the house.

It starts when Xin Yi goes down for breakfast and sees a plate of grilled mackerel fish on the breakfast table. She feels the smell of the fish rather strong and requests the servants to get it taken away. However, the servant replies that its young master’s favourite so they can’t remove it.

“If that’s the case, then can I have something sour to consume? Or do you have Pomegranate juice?” Though she is polite towards the servant, the answer is “There’s no Pomegranate juice in house because Young Master and Old Mistress don’t like to drink it.”

From the way it looks, Xin Yi knows the servants also won’t take the trouble to prepare the juice for her either. Sighing, she understands all these servants personally look down on her due to the rush of her marriage to Cun Xi. Though Granny left instructions for her to take over the household, she seriously has no idea where to start from.

“In that case…I’ll skip breakfast then.” She bitterly decides to leave breakfast alone as she can not swallow anything down when she can still feel the nausea inside her stomach.

“You have to eat!” In a split second, Cun Xi voice comes along. He walks towards the table and stares strictly at the servant. “Didn’t you hear that Young Mistress wants to drink Pomegranate Juice?”

“But… But there isn’t any in the house…”

“Then go buy it!” Cun Xi raises his voice at the servant and it gives the rest a fright. “And why is there grilled mackerel fish for breakfast? Didn’t you people realize that there’s a pregnant woman in the house? Change it away and bring some other food here!”

“But Young Master…Mackerel Fish is your favourite!”

“Any food that is causing Young Mistress to feel unwell is not allowed to appear on this table!” Cun Xi roars. He is still very angry with the servants taking the opportunity to bully Xin Yi. “Listen carefully. I won’t give anyone a second chance to repeat the same mistake again so you people better bear this in mind.”

“Yes, Young Master.” The servant answers hurriedly, immediately removes the grilled mackerel fish and starts to get busy preparing Pomegranate juice for Xin Yi.

Granny can’t help but smile when she sees Cun Xi blowing his top at the servants because of Xin Yi.

“So… what happened? Who’ve made our Young Master so angry?” Granny purposely throws out the question when she steps into the dinning room.

Since Granny is here, Cun Yi has no choice but to hold back his anger and greets her. Xin Yi also quickly helps to pull out a chair for her to get seated at the table.

Looking at the sulked face of her grandson and the puzzled expression on Xin Yi’s face, Granny laughs out loud finally.

“Granny, what are you laughing at?” Cun Xi frowns and asks.

“I’m laughing at you two. The more I look, the more compatible you two get. Cun Xi, you’re already a married man. You should know the responsibility of a husband and how to go by fulfilling them. As for Xin Yi, you’re the daughter-in-law of our family now so do have more confidence in yourself and don’t always give in. Both of you understand what I’m trying to say?”

For a few moments, the two young adults get distracted by Granny’s words. After awhile, both Cun Xi and Xin Yi exchange eye contact and nod their head. “Yes, Granny. We understand.”

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