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Chapter 9

[translated by: xiaojade]

Xinyi saw the newspaper’s advertisement and in a hurry, packed her stuff to go back to Taiwan.

Dylan stopped her; he thought it was just Cun Xi’s plan for getting her back to his house. “Why would he want to trick me back to his house?” She doesn’t think so. “Plus he pays so much respect toward his grandmother; I believe he would not take grandmother’s health as a joke.

Dylan could not convince her, adding to the fact that he personally called Cun Xi’ grandmother and the housekeeper said her health is not well. And she is currently at the hospital. He believed it as well, agreed to let Xin Yi return back to Taiwan.

“Wait until I am finished with the business here, I will fly back to Taiwan. You should take care of yourself.” He said.

Xin Yi nodded and did not say much. She took the first airplane to return to Taiwan. Then she took the taxi to get to Cun Xi’s house. The housekeeper predicted she would appear and bought her to the living room right away.

“Grandma? What happened? Is she ok?” She asked in a hurry.

The housekeeper did not get a chance to answer, Cun Xi came downstairs. He was stunned to see her. “What are you here for?”

Asking me? She glared at him. “Wasn’t it you that told me to come back?”

“I told you?” He asked.

“You put an advertisement saying grandma is sick. You wanted me to return.” Cun Xi even more surprised. “I said grandma sick….”

“Xin Yi, you, you finally came.” Grandma saying this and the housekeeper helps her get downstairs. “I missed you so much!”

“Grandma!” Xin Yi ran to hold on to her. “How come you came out? I can go up to see you. How are you? Is your body better?”

“Finally came back from being almost dead.” Grandma kept saying. She sat on the sofa. “But the doctor said my body is very weak, I am afraid that I won’t live long.”

“Grandma, do not say that! Xin Yi exclaimed. “You will be long lived”

“If it is really that, it would be great.” She shakes her head. “I am scared, I can’t even go pass these few months.”

“No, grandma, you have me to accompany you, you will get better.”

“Good child, I did not cherish you for nothing.”


"Which show is this?" Cun Xi thought. He is not stupid; he can tell that grandma was just acting weak in front of Xin Yi. She knows that her health is very good. How could she say that she can’t live pass this month?

“Cun Xi, what you are standing there for? It is hard that Xin Yi came back. How come you didn’t tell the housekeeper to clean the room and move her suitcase upstairs” Grandma gave him a look.

Grandma’s wish was having Xin Yi to move back home? Cun Xi understood. Actually the one who put on the advertisement was grandma. It was her that used the excuse of her health to trick Xin Yi back.

“Grandma, I just came back to accompany you, I didn’t say I am living here.” Xin Yi said with guilt.

“Come back” Cun Xi said with a face and a straightforward tone. “You don’t plan to live here, are you going to go live in a hotel?”

“I am really going to go living in a hotel. I already booked the room.” She said with confidence. “I will come to visit and accompany her, but I won’t live here.” She said clearly.

Since when did she learned to say “no”?

Cun Xi was confused. He felt that the woman in front of him was not the Xin Yi he knew before but different.

Ever since she rejected to live at Cun Xi’ house, there was even more rejections from Xin Yi. Cun Xi couldn’t bear to see her living in such a small business class hotel. He booked a five-star hotel room for her, yet she rejected it. She didn’t want it. During the day, she is with Grandma, at night, she goes to teach ceramics. He thought that was too tiring, and wanted her to quit. She wouldn’t. He bought a car for her, and she rejected and sent it back. He wanted to celebrate her birthday. She said no. She said she already made appointment with Dylan.

Ever since she came back from Taiwan, she kept on saying “no”. He is so mad about that.

At the worst time, she said in front of him that she is going on a date with another guy. Yet he knew that he had no rights to interfere. He couldn’t believe that she is living with him in Shanghai. At the auction, she stood up for Dylan till the end. Cun Xi is mad and bothered along with a feeling of jealousy.

He acted like a one-side love teenager, secretly followed Xin Yi out to date. She and Dylan went to a very romantic restaurant. Though the windows, he could see the two of them laughing and was having a great time.

He never before seen Xin Yi like this, she smiled so sweetly and very open about it. She was not shy like before, always tried to please people. She is now confident and full of brightness.

She changed.

And she kind of didn’t, she still treat Grandma the same, so sweet and careful. Grandma always talks about how great Xin Yi is in front of Cun Xi. Grandma was hinting to him that losing this daughter in law was a lost. To the housekeeper, she was still very nice and kind and wouldn’t put up an attitude. She helped the people walking by. She was still very willing to help others.

Or maybe, she only changed toward him. She toward him. She is not as careful and can say that she doesn’t care for him at all.

“Marry me! Xin Yi” Dylan proposed.

Xin Yi was stunned and space-out. “You… are not seriously right?”

“I admit that I am not a very serious person, but this is not something to joke about.” Dylan smiled bitterly. “I am serious toward you, Xin Yi”

“But…” Xin yi said. She always thought this man as her best friend and a caring brother. She never thought about having a relationship with him.

“I know that you can’t take it at the moment but I thought about it for a long time. I will wait for you till the day that you recover from your last marriage.” Dylan said understandingly. “I know that Ji Cun Xi hurt you deeply. Because of him you closed your heart and is afraid of falling in love again. But don’t you think it is about time? You are not the same Chen Xin Yi as before. You don’t have to close your heart because of Ji Cun Xi.”

“But….isn’t it too fast? We are not even a couple yet”

“When we should set marriage as a goal. Let’s date!” Dylan hold on to her hand. “Xin Yi, I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Believe me, I will protect you and won’t let you suffer.”

Xin Yi didn’t know what to say. She wasn’t ready for all this. Even though she was not interested in him, but hearing these words she can’t help to not feel it.

Nobody ever said those words to her before. No one ever said that he will protect her forever and live the rest of his life with her. The most wanted dream came true.

“Dylan, I….”

“Don’t say yes!” Someone yelled.

Cun Xi suddenly popped up. Cun Xi came from the back, with a stone face with sharp eyes.

“Chen Xin Yi, I won’t allow you to accept his proposal!” He demanded.

She was confused and worried. She stood up and said “You don’t have the right to not allow it.”

“Because you are my wife, because I am your husband!” He said loudly.

She was mad. “Did you forget? We already divorced!”

“We didn’t!” He said. Not caring about the other people’s weirdly looks. “I didn’t sign on the divorce paper, so you are still my wife. You are my woman!”

She is….his woman? Xin Yi’s face turned pale. What is going on?

Cun Xi hold on to her shoulder and locked her. “Xin Yi, you are mine. I will not give to you to another man!”

Ever since the incident at the restaurant, Cun xi finally understands that he can’t lose Xin Yi.

Two years ago she left, he was going to get her back except Anna’s feet was hurt. He told himself that he can’t leave Anna behind. He controlled his own feelings. Later, he saw her in Shanghai, afraid to bother her. He told himself that he should wish her happiness.

But now, he can’t control it anymore. He can’t control his heart flying toward Xin Yi. He does not care if she hates nor if she is planning on marrying another guy. He is selfish to the point that he wants her again.

He had her before but didn’t cherish her during that time, even if there is no second chance he is determined to try it.

First, he has to break up with Anna. He told Anna that he actually love Xin Yi.
Anna guessed it a long time ago. At Shanghai, during the show, she was confident about that already. But she didn’t want to face reality. “Why do you like that woman? I really don’t understand what about that you like. How is she better than me?”

“Love is not to compare to”, he said an in low voice. “It is not that she is better than you. It is because I love her. When I am sleeping the one I dream of is her. When I wake up the first one I want to see is her. That is it.” Like this, I think of her that I can’t control myself.

“I don’t believe you, Cun xi. You love me, you can not not love me!” Anna felt that she had lost Cun Xi. “Look at me! I am Anna! Because of you, I gave up the stage and stayed in Taiwan. This is all because of you!”

“But I don’t want you to give up.” He insulted her. “Go back! Anna, you belong to the dancing stage. Don’t be scare to go back because you fell at the stage. This is not like the Anna I know.”

“I am not scared! I am because of you…”

“You are not here because of me, you are just scare that when you turn there is no goal. You are afraid to fell again. You don’t need me. Your heart is your goal. You once dreamt of performing “Swan Lake” at Lin Kan center as the main female character. How could you so easily give up?”

“I…” said Anna. She wondered to herself rather if this was really love or was it really the fear that is making her stay in Taiwan.

“Let’s break up!”

Ever since the break up with Anna, Cun Xi follows Xin Yi closely.
Using the techniques he never thought of, when he was trying to get Anna. He also took the first steps such as send flowers, gifts, and picking her up after a dancing show with this cool racing car.

But to Xin Yi, he didn’t use the same techniques. She didn’t want his flowers, gifts and refused to get on his car. She didn’t want to have a date with him. He could only sign up for the ceramic classes.

He signed up for all the classes from old people to children. The receptionist looked at him weirdly and he pretended not to care at all.

He tried his best to reschedule meetings with people, tried to get all the work done, finish everything before work ends. After work, he rushes to the ceramic classroom and be her troublemaker student.

He always ask these kind of questions, for examples—
“Teacher, I want to make something for my wife. What do you think she will like?”
“Teacher, if I make this cup will you give me a prize?”
“Teacher, if a woman wouldn’t follow the basics of a marriage. What do you think the man should do?”

She always gets really annoyed. But when she looked, he was still trying really hard to learn ceramic too bad he doesn’t have the talent. The things he made are all so messed up.

Children’s class’s children laugh at him. “You are really dumb! You can’t even make a cup?”

“Who said I can’t make it?” He was unhappy. It is just a bad cup!

“HA HA HA~~ What is this? This is a cup?”

“Everybody come look! His cup has angles! How come there is only one? Just make it be two!”

“Yea, two will be a monster!”

He was sad from being laughed at but he still put on an image. “Bratty kids, if you say more, I’ll hit you!”

“AHH~~ Monster talked!”

“So scary!”

The children ran and jumped, laughing and clapping at the same time not afraid of his treats at all.

Xin Yi was laughing by the side. He thought he was a grown man seeing the authority of children.

He thought these kids are easy to deal with?

Xin Yi saw him trying to form the shape of the clay along with dealing with the children. His face turned red. Not knowing why, her cold heart melted.

If she and Cun Xi’s baby did get born, maybe the father and son would play…No way! Xin Yi stopped herself from thinking. She didn’t want to get his influence. The past is the past, you can’t go back.

Maybe he doesn’t even care about losing the baby. He doesn’t feel the lost. It is only her….

Not easily, Cun Xi finally finished the cup and held it to her face. “Teacher, is this ok?”

Can’t not be uglier. Xin Yi laughed. “It is ok, can barely make it.”

“Really?” His eyes shined. “Will the teacher give me a prize?”

"What prize?” She stared at him. “I never promise you anything.”

“Hey~~the teacher didn’t do as said! You guys, isn’t that mean?” This time, Cun Xi and the kids gang up against her.

Xin Yi feeling really embarrassed but thought it was funny too. Not knowing, her facial expression became softer. The way she looked at Cun Xi is not that cold.

Cun Xi knew that he made a great step. Happily continued to get Xin Yi. He woke up especially early to buy breakfast for her. He gave her his handmade cup. One for her and one for himself. When she comes to visit grandma, he comes out and stays with them.

He used her kindness, using donation to the orphanage as an excuse to invite her to a “kind hearted” meeting. They both came and under the VIP’s request, he danced with her.

“I am only dancing with you because of the donation to the orphanage. Don’t think too much”, she tried to form a clear line. “The one thinking too much is you? He said. “I only want to dance with you. Under all these people what can I do to you?”

“Or…do you want me to do something?” He said with a low voice. “You!” She glared at him.

He stared at her. Her lips are brightly red like a rose, seducing him. He thought of the night two years ago. He looked at her when she was asleep, wanting to kiss her, yet failed.

He tightened his arm around her waist. He lowered his head slowing coming closer and closer. “You, what do you want to do?” She breathed heavily. He didn’t talk but only looked at her deeply. The way he looked at her made her heart beat faster and faster. And then he touched her lips, softly making her unable to breathe.

She forgot to refuse. This is not the first time he kissed her but it is the first time that he kissed her to the point where she lost all her energy. She could hardly stand. She was held in his arms. Not knowing how long. He let go of her. They looked at each other. The guest started to clap. Xin Yi woke up from her dream like state.

She took a breath, not believing what she just did. She ran out of the place. Her entire body was hot. “Xin Yi!” Cun Xi followed her.

“Ji Cun Xi, let’s get a divorce right now! Xin Yi yelled. If it keeps going like this she will sink back to it. “You have to sign the divorce papers now and we will go to the city hall to officially confirm our divorce.

“I don’t want to divorce!” He wouldn’t allow it. “Why? We had a contract that when the baby is born then we divorce and since the baby is gone our marriage is nothing. Can you please end it!”

“I don’t want to”

"Why don’t you want to?" Xin Yi almost went crazy. “What do you really want? Don’t you already have Anna? Why do you still have to play around with me?

“I broke up with Anna” Cun Xi said in a serious tone. “I and she are impossible [to be together again].”

“Why impossible [to be together].” Did he always loved Anna? Didn’t he choose Anna over her in front of her?

“Because I was wrong.” He could almost see that she is confused. “That night, the person whom I really want to choose was you except I was too dumb and saw my heart wrong.

“Saw your heart wrong? What kind of lame excuse is that? He did expect her to believe that? “You liar! You don’t even care about me, nor the baby. When I lost the baby didn’t you feel relief?”

He was relieved? Cun Xi spaced out, “I didn’t…”

“Just as you said, I am just like a post-it note to you!” She glared at him with hatred with fire eyes. “Let me tell you, Ji Cun Xi. I am not the post-it note girl as before! From now on, don’t you ever try to use me and throw me away! I am not that stupid anymore!”

“I said you were like post-it note?” Cun Xi stood and thought. Then He thought that maybe she overheard it at the hospital when he was talking with Anna. “You misunderstood. I didn’t mean it that way.” He wants explain, yet he doesn’t know where to start. He never thought he had to express his love toward her. He felt kind of weird.

Xin Yi misunderstood his shortcoming to express himself and felt even more broken hearted. “I am begging you, Ji Cun Xi. Let me go ok. I can no longer play this game with you. Let me go, I beg you, let me go…” as she was saying this, tears roll down her cheek.

Cun Xi felt bad for seeing her tears. He was panicking as the whole chest was losing something bit by bit.

Did he really lose her?

“What do I have to do for you to let go?” She hopelessly stared at him.
He took a long breath and tightened his palm. “I want you to give me three months, come back to Ji’s house, and be my wife. If after three months, I can’t change your mind then I will sign the papers.”

She didn’t say anything.

He knew she was really scared but not knowing that he was more scared than she was. He was scared that she won’t follow this plan. Scared that she wouldn’t even give him the last chance. He purposely acted cool and put up an attitude. “So what? Are you ok with it?” She said "yes".

“How could you agree with such plan?” Dylan was mad at Xin Yi’s decision. “Unless you still can’t forget about Ji Cun Xi.

“It is not that I can’t forget about him. I am just trying to solve this problem, that’s it” Xin Yi explained herself. Dylan doesn’t believe her. He knows her too well. Ever since he first met her two years ago, he had been watching her.

He was a orphan. He has little feelings toward family. Ever since he knew Xin Yi, the stuff she said at prayers really touched him. He felt some kind of mother’s love from her. The one that was always made fun of but won’t allow anyone to harm her child. God is always playing with her life yet she is always treating everyone nicely and never blamed other people. Dylan’s heart aches seeing her like this.

He brought her to Shanghai. He saw her changed. The person she is now, shining like a jade. He was the one that found this jade, and he was the one that was with her during her hardest times. Ji Cun Xi didn’t even know how to appreciate her. Yet her heart was still with him.

“You can not do this!” He tried to convince her. “You give him three months now, you’ll have to follow his footsteps for life. Do you want to return back to the painful old days?” He saw that she is not so confident with that either. He sighed. “Ok, if you wish then I won’t stop you but you have to be engage to me first.”

“What?” she is shocked. “Engagement with you?”

She was actually engaged with Dylan.

The first official day that she went back to the Ji’ house, she invited Dylan over for dinner. Cun Xi saw Dylan already so no happy not to even mention Xin Yi is wearing the ring he gave her.

Dylan was happy. Grandma was shocked. Cun Xi was angry. He knew very will that she was doing this on purpose. Indirectly telling him that she is not changing her mind for these three months.

“Chen Xin Yi, don’t you remember what you promised me?” He hit the table. “I didn’t forget!” She looked at him. “I am giving you three months, after that I am going to be married to Dylan.”

“You are sure that you are not going to change your mind?” He was so mad that he was gridding his teeth. “That is right! I, will, not!” She said it word by word.


“Ok Ok, You two, stop fighting!” Grandma saw that the atmosphere wasn’t so great. She voiced to stop the two to continuing fighting. “Eat first, the dishes are getting cold.”

Cun Xi couldn’t even eat. “Grandma, let me clarify everything with this woman!”

“I already said it very clearly, no matter if it is three months or a lifetime. I will not change my mind.”

“Chen, Xin, Yi!”


The glances are getting worse and worse. Grandma turned and held on to her chest, faking to be unable to breathe.
“It hurts….here, I feel so dizzy…” Dizzy as she said, she slowly fell back except Cun Xi held on to her. “Grandma! Are you ok?”

Xin Yi’s face turned pale. “I am going to call the ambulance.”

“No, no….” She shakes her hand. What a joke, if she really went to the hospital everything would be let out.

“But grandma, your body is not well; you must call the hospital to check what is wrong….”

“I don’t have to, I just need some rest.”

Cun Xi figured out that Grandma was really faking it. In the mean time, Dylan took out his cell phone and started to call the hospital.”

“Hello? 119? (In Taiwan it is 119 not 911 if you live in the states). I have a patient here that is sick. I need an ambulance. The address is…..” Ah! Grandma couldn’t react. There was no hope but to play act till the end. She went on the ambulance.

Paper can not wrap around fire. Dylan asked for the detail of the check up and it turned up that she was actually really healthy. Except for the blood pressure was bit high everything else it was all good.

“Now do you know? Ji Cun Xi is lying to you right?” Dylan laughed coldly.

He actually lied to her. She couldn’t believe that she was so easily tricked by him. How would anyone know if he is playing a going after her game, and then easily kick her away, just like the ex-boyfriends? She always had to be dump, can’t she learn from the past?

Xin Yi got angrier and angrier, mad at Cun Xi but madder at herself. “Do you have a heart? How could you use you own grandma’s health has a joke! I am very disappointed at you. Ji Cun Xi, from now on, I don’t ever want to see you again!
She left leaving him all by himself.

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