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Chapter 3

[Translated by minivicki]
[Edited by Beauty_Karova]

Marriage Caused by the Baby

Ji Cun Xi, who came to Jiang Mu Island to retrieve the mother source accidentally, met Xin Yi. The two of them were scolded and had to spend a night in the garage together. This night seemed to bring them closer. They enjoyed the sound of the soft but strong heartbeat of the little life together and their internal emotions were stirred. In that case, just follow the orders of the elders and—Let's get married.

Start early, end early. The next day, Cun Xi together with his assistant Anson, board the first boat to Jiang Mu Island.

Jiang Mu Island is situated offshore from Taiwan. The land area is quite small and there aren't many islanders. For the past years, they have been relying on the one and only shampoo factory on the island for their livelihood. Sadly, the factory hasn't been well managed and it has ended up with the fate of being auction, which is why Magical Enterprise could take it over. They have not expected that once they brought it, all the troubles would come along.

The sky is dark, the wind blowing strongly. Cun Xi stands at the stern like the statue of a warrior, looking as though he's ready for a cold hard battle.

Indeed, he's here for battle. He is groomed to takeover the family business since young and he has seen a lot of troubles that has taken place in the past and been through some mishaps too, including being kidnapped for ransom. He has never admitted defeat in those times and no one can ever threaten him.

This time, the Wu Family's father and son has infuriated him.

"Chairman, the waves are really huge." Anson is stumbling beside him, slightly seasick. "I heard from the other people on the boat that there's a typhoon approaching!"

"Is it? I don't feel it." His attention is focused on getting back the mother source. "The boat is going too slowly, go and make the Captain to speed up."

What? Speed up? It's already shaky enough! Anson's stumbled off to negotiate with the captain with an unhappy look, not brave enough to defy the Chairman's orders.

Cun Xi continues to stand at the stern. A slight distance away, a person walks past and she looks like Xin Yi; Cun Xi blinks his eyes, hoping that he sees the wrong person.

It's impossible! Why is she here? Unless she has heard news of him coming and chased him all the way here? She… isn't here blame him for the baby in her womb is she?

Images of Xin Yi crying and begging him to take responsibility float around in Cun Xi's mind. He starts sweating profusely and his eyebrows are knitted together. Although frustrated, he still decides to face up to his duties and moves towards the woman. Unexpectedly, a man carrying a pole on his shoulder walks towards him and turns, accidentally sweeping Cun Xi into the sea.

How can such a stupid thing happen?

Cun Xi floats in shock in the sea, attempting to swim back onto the boat. However, the boat suddenly starts to speed up and he is ditched far behind. Luckily, he's quite good in swimming and after a while, he finally climbs onto shore, panting heavily.

On the other side, a group of islanders have gathered and their focus is all on the boat that's slowly approaching. No one notices him and when he sees how all the islanders are carrying sticks and pans, standing with as though they were getting ready for battle, he realizes that they are likely there to "welcome" him.

Since he already knows there's threat, Cun Xi obviously won't step into the danger zone himself. He digs inside his pocket for his phone to call and warm Anson but realizes that he lost both his phone and wallet.

sh*t! It must have dropped when I was swimming onshore! After thinking for a moment, Cun Xi decides to leave the mess for Anson to settle and he heads towards the factory.

When he enters the factory, Wu Qi Qi is happily squeezing tomato ketchup on his huge hamburger, preparing to have a delicious male. When he sees Cun Xi, he is shocked!

"Ji Cun Xi, you're fast! I didn't expect you to be able to remain alive and make your way to the factory!" What is the group at the port doing? They can't even stop one man!

"Hand over the mother source immediately!" Cun Xi ordered.

Wu Qi Qi looks at him. Noticing that he is wet from head to toe, looking pathetically like an illegal immigrant that swam onshore, he decides that Cun Xi must have been treated very badly by the group at the port. He calms down and starts laughing evilly. "Do you think you can walk out of this factory alive?" He has already set up a big trap in the factory!

"The one who's going to die should be you, all right?" Cun Xi says darkly. "If you're still determined to work against me, then I will sell the factory to Steven Zhou who's interested in building an incinerator. I'm sure your situation will become even worse. As for me, not only will I not suffer a lost, I might be able to earn some profits through the sale."

What? Sell the factory? Wu Qi Qi starts to feel unease but he still keeps up a cool front. "Ji Cun Xi, don't think that all of us Jiang Mu Island people are easy to fool! I will not be tricked by you!"

"I'm giving you one last chance. Hand over the mother source."

"If you want to get back the mother source, there's only one way. That's to step over my body!" Wu Qi Qi pulls a string and a bag of flour drops from the sky. The white powder scatters over the whole area.

Cun Xi reacts quickly and immediately covers his nose and mouth. It is Wu Qi Qi who triggered this trap that begins coughing profusely. He has been laughing too much and forgotten to close his mouth, resulting in him breathing in a lot of the flour. Next up is the hidden sandbag. Cun Xi ducks down and avoids it. The one who hit the prize is once again Wu Qi Qi. He falls on the ground in pain and ends up slamming his hand on the mouse-trap. His fingers immediately turn red and start to swell. He jumps up, screaming in pain but ends up having a bucket landing on his head. He passes out due to the bucket and falls onto the floor.

Open-mouthed, Cun Xi stares at the whole scene. He's definitely right, the members of Wu Family are very smart soldiers. He has never seen anyone set up a trap and eagerly jump into it himself. That has been very instructive.

He shakes his head, laughing to himself. As Wu Qi Qi's body happens to be blocking the narrow walkway, he can only step over him and walk into the office to search for the mother source.

It doesn't require him much energy to find the disk as it is lying in the very first drawer and on it, they have very nicely written "Mother Source" using a red marker.

Holding the disk in his hand, Cun Xi starts to hesitate and ponder. He can't believe that anyone can be that stupid. This disk must be a fake one right? However, considering how Wu Qi Qi can't even escape from a trap that he himself set, it is possible he really is that stupid.

"Wu Qi Qi, are you around?" Wu Liu Liu's loud voice springs up from the factory door. The chattering of the islanders can be heard too. "Where has that Ji Cun Xi hidden himself? He wasn't on the boat! Lucky there's a typhoon warning today so the boat can't drive off. That kid can't escape even if he has wings and can fly. We're planning to do a search of the whole island…"

Search of the whole island?

Cun Xi's mind jumps into alert mode and before he can think of any other things, he has already jumped out of the office window and sprinted away from the scene.


Sigh! She really feels like escaping.

Xin Yi stands in front of the house, shuffling around. She's really reluctant about stepping into the house and facing up her parents' scolding.

Last night, when her dad Chen Hu Yuan and mom Xi Shi have heard about their daughter being pregnant from the other islanders, they were shocked and have immediately made the call, demanding for Xin Yi to return to Jiang Mu Island. No matter how reluctant she has felts, she could only take the first boat back.

"You're finally back!" Hu Yuan discovers her first and immediately drags her to kneel in front of all the ancestors' memorial tablet. "How could I have raised a daughter that can bring such a disgrace to our family? News of your pregnancy even made it onto the television! Do you know that this scandalous news has spread throughout the whole Jiang Mu Island already? How can we still show our face around here?"

"Exactly!" Xi Shi joins in on the nagging. "Haven't I told you before? Save on everything except condom! You threw all the lectures I gave you into the wind?"

The two continues one after another, scolding their daughter non-stop.

"Speak! Who is the man that got you pregnant?" Hu Yuan demands loudly.

Xin Yi shakes her head adamantly. "I… I don't know." How can she drag the innocent Cun Xi into the mess too? "He was a stranger that was on the cruise. I didn't mean to… Sigh, it was all an accident!"

"Accident your head!" Hu Yuan is shaking with anger. "Fine, fine, fine! You're going to protect that stupid guy? I'll hit you until you admit then! Wife, pass me the cane!"

What? He's going to deal out the family punishment? Xin Yi is shocked. Xi Shi hesitates too. She turns towards her daughter. "Why don't you quickly reveal who he is? Do you really want to anger your dad? Who's the man? Did he lure you onto bed? Or did he drug you?"

"It's not like that!" Xin Yi quickly explains. "Dad, Mom, please don't misunderstand him. He's really not that type of person. He's very nice and has helped me a lot. He…"

"You're even speaking up for that guy!" Hu Yuan can't stand it and retrieves the cane by himself to start hitting his daughter.

It is painful but Xin Yi doesn't dare to hide. She kneels there silently, enduring all the anger of her father.

"You still refuse to reveal who he is? Fine, I'll hit you again!" Seeing that Hu Yuan's cane is going to hit her again, a figure ducks in from the open doors of the Chen Family and blocks the cane.


It's Ji Cun Xi! Xin Yi opens her eyes in shock.

Hu Yuan glares at him. "Who are you? What does me punishing my daughter has anything to do with you?"

"Of course it's related to me, because…" Ji Cun Xi stands in his original position, speaking honestly. He has not planned on running inside, but fate has destined that he will walk past the Chen Family and also destined that he will hear of Xin Yi being punished, destined that he will speak up for her. Being a gentleman, how can he abandon her to her fate? "I'm the father of the baby," he admitted.

"What?! You're..." Hu Yuan and Xi Shi stare at each other and give Cun Xi a look-over. The more they look, the madder they get.

This man who's entirely wet, has a hole in his suit, has flour in his hair and looks very pathetic is actually the culprit for their daughter's pregnancy?

Goodness gracious! What had their daughter seen in such a man? Was she blind?

"Xin Yi!" Xi Shi screams. "Are you trying to anger us to death?"


After the Chen Family scolds Cun Xi, they lock him inside the garage.

"Kid. You don't have any money or items to pawn, it's already very nice of us to keep you for a night! I've already called your grandma. She's coming over by boat tomorrow morning to pick you up. We'll deal with the pregnancy matter tomorrow!" Hu Yuan slams the garage door and locks it.

Cun Xi stands in the dark garage by himself. There are random items scattered around the room and even spider webs on the wall. The room is full except for the space that he is standing at. There isn't even space for him to lie down. He is speechless and really wants to scream at heaven.

He, Ji Cun Xi, the Chairman of Magical Enterprise is actually being forced to sleep in this dirty garage without even a bed and blanket?

This… is ridiculous! Since he have bought over the factory on Jiang Mu Island, his life seems to have turned into a ridiculous drama and all the unbelievable scenes are being acted out without his consent. He, the main lead, can only stand on stage in shock.

Crazy, too crazy! Cun Xi thinks angrily. He sits down on a row of boxes in frustration and because his clothes are not fully dry and he doesn't have the chance for a shower, he can only hug himself tightly to stay warm.

He misses his strawberry blanket.

Although the blanket is just a small and thin one, it is a gift from his mother. It has accompanied him since he was a child. Even that one time when he was kidnapped, it was because he had the strawberry blanket with him to hold on tightly to that he managed to have the courage to not cry and cause a scene. He was able to wait patiently for his parents and grandma to come save him. When Mom and Dad went away, he hugged the blanket and kept waiting until Grandma told him that they had gone to heaven and won't be coming back.

At that time, he felt that he had been abandoned and was mad and revengeful. He threw his strawberry blanket into the dustbin wilfully but ended up secretly picking it back in the middle of the night, crying and apologizing to his parents while washing it clean.

Even now, he still needs that blanket in order to sleep.

A cynical smile forms on Cun Xi’s face as he thinks of that. He has never dared to tell anyone, even Anna, about this embarrassing matter. If she ever knows of it, she'll definitely look down on him…

"Ji Cun Xi, are you there?"

The timid voice that calls out for him draws him back from his midst of thoughts. He concentrates and hears voices coming from the garage door. After that, Xin Yi pushes the door open and walks in.

Cun Xi glares at her. "What are you here for?"

"I…" she stammers, caught off guard. "I figured that you probably haven't eaten so I brought supper for you as well as a blanket." While talking, she turns around and drags in a big plastic bag from outside. Inside, there is a blanket and a straw mat. She lays the straw mat on the floor to act as a mattress. "So that you can sleep better tonight."

Cun Xi watches her actions coldly.

"You're very angry right?" She holds out a bun to him apologetically. "I'm sorry. I dragged you down into the waters with me, causing you to be scolded by my parents."

Cun Xi ignores the bun. "Why are you apologizing again? This incident isn't your fault!"

"But if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have been locked here. I'm sorry that you have to put up with such circumstances!" She apologizes again.

Why doesn't this lady ever listen? Apologizing every now and then, she has no personality! No wonder she's often bullied!

Cun Xi chews on the meat bun and gives Xin Yi a glance over, looking at her from head to toe and back from toe to head. She has put on her black-framed spectacles again and looks like a countryside lady, lacking attractiveness. He sighs. "Didn't I give you a pair of contact lenses? Why aren't you using it? Look at you! The way you're dressed is very unattractive and definitely old-fashioned!"

"I'm old-fashioned?" Xin Yi blurs and looks at him. "But you… aren't much better."

Hearing that, Cun Xi almost chokes on the bun that he is chewing on. "sh*t!" he swears. She is right. His pathetic state is not much different from hers. "Why did I end up here?"

"It's all because of me walking into the wrong bedroom on the cruise, I'm sor…"

Not again, she's going to apologize again! "Shut up!" he stops her with annoyance. "I've said before. You don't have to apologize to me."

"Oh, sor…" Xin Yi starts apologizing out of habit again but stops herself in mid-sentence when she realizes what is wrong.

Cun Xi starts laughing when he sees her poor "I was caught doing the wrong thing" look. "You! Your worst shortcoming is that you have absolutely no confidence. What are you usually doing?"

"I…" Xin Yi thinks. "Reading romance novels, knitting, auctioning online…"

"Enough! Why does all that sound like something female otaku would do? Can't you do anything meaningful at all?"

"I…" Xin Yi's face turns red. "I liked art a lot when I was young," she points at the pottery showcased on the shelf on the wall.

"You made these?" Cun Xi grabs one randomly and examines it closely. "It's quite good! My grandma likes making pottery too, if you have the chance to meet her, the two of you will definitely have lots of fun chatting."

"Really?" What is his grandma like? She can't help but anticipate. But on afterthought, she drops her anticipation. No matter what type of person his grandma is, she will definitely not have the chance to meet her.

"What is this?" Cun Xi picks a rectangular pottery and blows away the layer of dust on top.

"That's…" Xin Yi's heart skips a beat. She immediately stretches out her hand to snatch the box back. "Don't look at it!"

Her strong reaction makes him even more curious and he continues asking, "What is this?"

"It's… a wish box."

"Wish box?" Cun Xi's eyebrows go up. Catching Xin Yi off guard, he grabs back the box and opens it. Inside, there are pieces of sticky note and scrawled on them are small messy words. "The teacher doesn't call me, someone will do classroom cleaning duty with me, and someone will remember my birthday…" he slowly reads out all her wishes.

"When playing hide-and-seek, they will find me before going home and not forget me every time…" He suddenly stops and stares at Xin Yi, whose face is already as red as a tomato.

Was she always forgotten? Even when playing hide-and-seek with her friends, she would get abandoned in some small corner?

Cun Xi's eyebrows knit together again and an unknown feeling sprouts in his chest. He looks at the last note and slowly reads, "Meet someone whom I can love and who loves me back."

"Stop reading!" Xin Yi finally protests and grabs back the box.

He smiles at her. "The last wish, it's the same as mine."

"Really?" She is shocked and her eyes lights up.

"I almost got my wish," he says mutely. "But she flew to another far away place again."

Xin Yi hears him and her heart sinks. Her eyes darkens. How can she have forgotten? He has a very outstanding girlfriend! "Are you angry at her for choosing the stage instead of you?" she asks tentatively.

Cun Xi is surprise. After a second, he shakes his head. "I can never be angry at Anna." He sounds helpless. "During her first public performance, she fell on stage. But she didn't panic. She got up and continued dancing. What I love about her is her hardworking and never give up attitude. I clearly know that she loves ballet so how can I get mad at her for choosing the stage?" While speaking, he takes out a small ballet shoe keychain from his pocket and starts playing around with it mindlessly.

That must be a present from Anna, right? Xin Yi thinks enviously. She can feel the deep love he has for his girlfriend and that makes her more depressed.

"Aicho!" he suddenly sneezes.

She blinks. "Are you okay? You didn't catch a cold, did you?"

"It's nothing. I'm probably just allergic to something," he shakes his head, not willing to appear weak.

"Cover yourself with the blanket!" she drags him to sit down on the straw mat and starts clumsily covering him with the blanket. Noticing that his hair is half wet, her eyebrows knits together. Two seconds later, she brightens. "Oh, there might be a hair-dryer in here somewhere." She walks to the corner and starts digging through the boxes for the hair-dryer and indeed, she finds a small hair-dryer.

"Dry your hair. If you don't do it before you sleep, you will have a headache."

"Never mind." He waves his hands. "This is nothing. It'll dry by itself soon."

"No!" she is adamant and plucks in the power pug. "Sit over here. I'll help you blow your hair." While speaking, her hands starts fiddling with his hair, combing through it cleverly.

What is she doing? His thoughts start to wander. Her hand's movements are really gentle, and is going through his hair very nimbly, like a spell cast. It ruffles not only his hair but also his heart.

It's weird. He knows he should object to it but somehow his tense shoulders start to relax and he begins to enjoy himself.

"Ji Cun Xi, you… don't want the child right?" she questions quietly.

He is surprised. After a moment, he replies mutely, "It's not that I don't want to bear responsibility. I already have a girlfriend. I cannot let her down."

"I know."

"Also, frankly speaking, we're like two strangers. Our lives should not have such entanglement. Your life should not be messed up by this child too," he analyzes.

"Yeah, you're right," she agreed. "Tomorrow I… will go to the hospital for abortion."

"That's the best," he lets out a sigh of relief. He suddenly feels that at the back of his neck, a drop of water drips down. Is that her tears? He suspects it but doesn't have the courage to turn back. He can't let himself become soft-hearted, he definitely can't!

"Okay. It's dry now." After she has completed the task, Xin Yi switches off the hairdryer and purposely fakes a light tone. "Go sleep. I'm going back." She stands up.

Let her walk off just like that? Cun Xi stares at her and suddenly feels reluctant to let her go. "Stay and accompany me!" he demands.

"What?" she is shocked.

"Didn't you say that you caused me to end up in this lousy storeroom? If that's the case, you should stay and accompany me through this disaster." he finds a childish excuse.

She knits her eyebrows and examines him. "But didn't you say that this isn't my fault and I shouldn't apologise?"

Her one sentence leaves him speechless and he can only glare at her angrily.

Her heartbeat speeds up due to his stare and she reluctantly gives in. "Okay okay. I will stay to accompany you. So what shall we do now?"


They talks for the most of the night. From his career that is at the apex, her pure and sincere dream, their embarrassing childhood moments. Finally, maybe because it is so late, Cun Xi starts to wander. He reveals to Xin Yi the embarrassing fact that he cannot sleep without his strawberry blanket. She listens to him and although she finds it funny, she still starts to sing bedtime songs to help him fall asleep.

He drops off but she can't. When the sun starts to rise, she gets up and leaves silently. She makes her way to the small hospital on the island alone, prepared to go for abortion.

Xin Yi thinks that she only needs the doctor's approval but it turns out that the father of the baby needs to agree too. She is at a loss when Cun Xi suddenly appears.

"Why did you come here alone?" he reprimands her softly. "Didn't we agree to go through this together?"

"But…" Xin Yi stares at him sadly. She doesn't want him to see her break down! She has the premonition that when the baby is being aborted, she will definitely cry.

"Sir, please sign here." The nurse hands Cun Xi an agreement form for the operation. He holds the pen in his hand but can't get himself to sign it.

The old doctor standing at the side sees his hesitation and suggests kindly, "Before we carry out the operation, let's do an ultrasound scan first."

And thus, Xin Yi ends up lying on the bed in the medical room, having the doctor doing an ultrasound scan for her. Cun Xi watches nervously. Soon, a small foetus-like shape appears on the screen.

"This is your baby." The doctor smiles. "Do you hear that? That's the sound of his heartbeat."

Heartbeat? Xin Yi and Cun Xi look at each other in unison. The baby's so small and there's already a heartbeat?

Bong bong bong… The faint heartbeat sound beats strongly against their heart.

This is the baby! Their future child! A brand new life.

Xin Yi chokes and tears flow down silently. Cun Xi watches her eyes turn red and can't help himself from reaching out his hands.

Their two hands come together and hold each other tightly. The hands are trembling but it conveys their emotions to each other…


"What did you say? Xin Yi secretly went to pick out the baby?" Xi Shi shouts at the phone. "Great. Our dumb daughter. She dare return home!" she declares angrily and slams the phone down. "Old man, old man! Did you hear that? Xin Yi went for an abortion!"

"What? Abortion?" The one who answers isn't Hu Yuan but an old woman who, since no idea when, has been standing at the door. She is wearing and hanging jewellery all over her and has an air of richness. However, her face shows shock and panic. "Did you say that our Ji Family's precious great grandson is being removed?"

"Who are you?" Xi Shi demands.

"I'm Cun Xi's grandmother. I'm called Ji Zhen Zhu." Grandma Zhen Zhu walks forward to shakes Xi Shi's hand. "You called me last night saying that my grandson's here. Remember?"

"Oh. You're the grandma of that stupid kid!" Xi Yi is confused. Zhen Zhu's body is covered with shining jewellery. "Weird. Isn't your family very poor?"

"Poor?" Zhen Zhu blinks her eyes and looks from her two tall and muscular bodyguards to the posh and long car parked outside. This kind of entrance is considered poor?

"Wait! You said that your surname is Ji? Your grandson is Ji Cun Xi?" Xi Shi thinks everything through and finally understands the huge mistake she has made. "Isn't Ji Cun Xi the president of some Magical Enterprise?"

Wrong wrong wrong! How could she have been so stupid? She has actually treated the rich god like a germ? Xi Shi regrets it. Realising that the father of her daughter's baby is actually the heir of a large enterprise, her sharp eyes starts to shine money signs.

"Let's not discuss this now!" Zhen Zhu hurriedly pulls back her line of thought. "Didn't you just say that your daughter is going for an abortion? How can that happen! Our Ji Family has only had a single line of heir for many generations. I've finally gotten my precious great grandson! Quick! Bring me to the hospital! We must stop her!"

And thus, Xi Shi ends up in Zhen Zhu's posh car which speeds to the hospital. The moment the car stops, they see Ji Cun Xi carrying Xin Yi out.

It's over! Her daughter's chance of marrying into the rich has been destroyed just like that? Xi Shi thinks…

It's over! Her wishes of having a great grandson still can't be fulfilled? Zhen Zhu thinks…

The two of them dash towards them in unison and ask, "Where's the baby?"

"The baby…" Ji Cun Xi and Xin Yi look at each other awkwardly and after a short silent moment, finally answer slowly. "We've decided to keep the baby."

Yes! If her daughter marries into a rich family and becomes the lady of the family, she will be a rich mother-in-law too! Xi Shi is delighted.

Yes! Great-grandson will report to the family as usual and the Ji Family line will continue! Zhen Zhu is delighted.

The two of them order in unison, "Get married immediately!"


Not wanting to delay things and under Xi Shi and Zhen Zhu's strict orders, the new couple is sent to Jiang Mu Island's one and only small wedding church and has an official ceremony.

Of course Cun Xi is unhappy but Zhen Zhu says that she is getting old and she really wants to carry her great grandson soon. Also, will he be able to live with his conscience if he makes the other party become an unwed mother who has to bear with all the gossip and finger pointing of the islanders? Seeing that he is still reluctant, she resorts to threatening to let Anna know of all the details.

Cun Xi is angry and frustrated but there is little that he can do.

Xin Yi understands his reluctance and takes initiative to express that she does not want to marry into the Ji Family. However, Xi Shi immediately slaps her and scolds her for not feeling ashamed of herself! Seeing that Xin Yi is being blame, Cun Xi changes his mind and agrees to the wedding.

The last to object is Hu Yuan. They want him to just open his arms and let his precious daughter be "given" to someone else? He definitely objects to that. Then Grandma Zhen Zhu grandly declares that no one will be retrenched from the factory and all the islanders start to thank her and treat her as a goddess. Under their pressure, Hu Yuan can only nod his head in agreement.

Finally, after all the troubles, the ceremony starts and the islanders clap enthusiastically. Zhen Zhu and Xi Shi are both smiling brightly.

The ceremony ends and Zhen Zhu invites everyone on the island to a restaurant to eat seafood. The crowd all leave happily, leaving the two newly weds together and staring at each other in confusion.

Xin Yi catches sight of Cun Xi's angry face and bows her head down apologetically. "I'm sorry."

"Why are you apologizing again?" Before her apology, everything has been still fine but once he hears her apology, he starts to get mad. "You were also forced into this. How can this thing be blamed on you?"

But if she isn't to blame, then who is? Xin Yi asks herself. She understands how reluctant he has been in marrying her. He must be thinking of Anna right now.

"Actually you… didn't need to agree to the wedding." She murmurs. "I can learn to take care of the baby by myself."

"But can you manage it?" he asks coldly. "You can't even keep your own life in order so how can you take care of the baby?"

Xin Yi hears and cowers in shame.

"Also, how can I let my baby's mother walk outside and be ridiculed?" he adds in angrily.

That is the main reason why he has agreed to marry her right? Because he can't bear for her to have to endure the weird looks of the society. Xin Yi looks at Cun Xi secretly and can't help feeling touched—He might look cold on the outside, but he's actually a very warm and gentle man.

"Thank you," this time, she doesn't apologize but thanks him instead.

He seems even angrier though and turns to glare at her. "Thank you for what?" he reprimands after a pause. "This is only temporary. After you give birth to the baby, we'll divorce."

"What?" she is shocked.

"Don't worry. I will give you a huge sum of money at that time. Take it as your alimony."

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