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Chapter 10

[Translated by J-Star Supporter]
[Edited by Beauty_Karova]

Each and every sticky note on posters all tell their own story. Filling up Xin Yi's art gallery, Cun Xi uses the audio speakers to let Xin Yi know all the feelings he's bottled up deep within his heart for so long; more importantly Cun Xi wants to let Xin Yi know that sticky notes exist because of love…

Ever since Xin Yi got angry with Cun Xi at the hospital, it's been an entire week since she last saw him.

Has he finally given up?

Xin Yi tells herself she should be at ease now, but a part of her can't help but feel at lost. So his determination was only that. All she did was yell at him and he's given up.

Xin Yi remembers how upset she was with herself for wavering. Rather than constantly thinking about it day and night, she sends a new copy of the divorce agreement to the Ji household, informing them of her determination. Xin Yi decides to resign from her job at the ceramics center and leave after finishing up this semester.

That day, as she is taking the bus home after class, Xin Yi is looking at the view from the window and suddenly remembers that the first day she arrived at the Ji household, she was also carrying luggage all by herself riding the bus.

The Xin Yi back then remembered how even though she knew Cun Xi didn't love her, she still thought of him as her prince and secretly dreamt of her fairytale in her heart. Now she knows that a woman must learn to be independent and can not rely on a prince to save her.

She'll no longer consider so and so as her prince…

Xin Yi rests on the window, letting her thoughts run listlessly, suddenly sees a commercial poster that grabs her attention….


What is this? Xin Yi can't believe what the words plastered on the poster say. When did she set up a showcase? How could she not know? Could it be someone with the same name?

Extremely curious, Xin Yi gets off the bus and carefully examines the poster. It doesn't specify a place and time, but the still curious Xin Yi walks further along the street and realizes it's not just a poster. Even the huge television prompter beside the plaza is advertising this mysterious showcase.

A bus passes by and it's also advertising the same showcase. Xin Yi is at lost for a while, but then suddenly sees a familiar shadow pass her by.

It's Cun Xi. It appears as if he's putting up a poster under a streetlight.

Can this all be Cun Xi's doing? Xin Yi is confused and uncontrollably yells out "Cun Xi!"

He hears her voice and turns around and sees Xin Yi. In sheer happiness, Cun Xi hurries across the street not seeing a car coming in his direction.

"Be careful!" she yells, heart racing.

The car swooshes by and Xin Yi looks all around for Cun Xi, terrified and unable to breathe. She sees him on the ground and is nearly in tears.

She runs to him and kneels down "Cun Xi Cun Xi, are you alright? Did the car hit you? Are you hurt?"

Cun Xi gradually opens his eyes. "I'm fine, don't worry."

"Then why do you look so terrible? And continue to sweat? Be honest with me, are you really hurt? Where does it hurt?" She examines every inch of him, her heart aching.

"I'm fine. I'm really fine." Cun Xi comforts her and forces himself up. "Xin Yi." He says in a gasp voice.

"Yeah?" Xin Yi replies, not completely recomposed yet. When she thought he was hurt, everything was chaotic, and for a moment she feared she was really going to lose him.

Cun Xi looks at her. He has so much he wants to tell her, but can't bring himself to do so. He points to all the posters.

She looks closely and sees each poster has a colored sticky note on it. It has two little figures pointing a direction drawn on it.

"What does this mean?" she asks him quizzically.

With a bittersweet smile, "Just keep looking and you'll find out."

She nods and walks towards the direction the sticky notes are pointing at. As she walks further along she finds more sticky notes pointing in another direction. The expressions on the sticky note figures are also changing. Looking at them one by one she realizes the boy and girl doll figures are acting out a story. They met on a ship and at the beginning, the girl doll figure is always getting yelled at. The girl doll figure turns and leaves with tears on her face. The boy doll figure regrets it so much and chases after her.

He apologizes to her over and over again, but the girl doll figure pays no attention to him. The last note shows the boy doll figure at a standstill holding his broken heart, completely helpless.

Xin Yi slowly understands the story; her chest is aching and tears are stinging her face.

These comics are really ugly and it's obvious it was personally drawn by a man with absolutely no artistic talent.

She follows the sticky notes and goes into an alley with a cute entrance and arrives at an exquisite art gallery.

"I'll wait for you here" Cun Xi says "You go on in."

"Alright." She hesitates for a moment before following the art gallery's director into the showcase area and sees all of her art pieces on display.

Xin Yi is shocked. All these art pieces were bought by her number one fan. Can Cun Xi be that mysterious fan? Has he been the one secretly watching over her?

"Xin Yi." Cun Xi's voice is suddenly heard in the room.

Xin Yi is startled and thinks Cun Xi has come in, but she doesn't see him anywhere. Then she sees the speakers in the corner and realizes Cun Xi has recorded what he is going to say to her earlier.

"If you can hear this tape, then that means you must've found the art gallery. This gallery displays all of your art pieces. I acquired each piece one by one. You probably wouldn't have sold any of them to me, but I'm still so happy I could be your number one fan. I…actually, I knew early on you were in Shanghai, but I wasn't brave enough to see you."

"Why? Why didn't you meet with me?" Xin Yi asks.

"Because I didn't want to bother you." Cun Xi answers like he knows that Xin Yi is going to ask him that. "I was afraid that I would hurt you again if you saw me."

He was afraid to hurt me? Then why did he bother me later on? Why did he put out those ads to trick me back into coming to Taiwan?

"Those runaway bride ads were published by Grandma. I don't care if you believe it or not, but it was really Grandma who put out those ads. It wasn't until you came back to Taiwan and I saw you face-to-face did I realize that I could never lose you again. I told myself that I wanted you to be happy. You and Dylan were so happy together. I shouldn't bother you, but I…can't let go. Xin Yi, I…" Cun Xi takes a swallow and can tell he sounds really nervous. "I love you; I really…really love you."

Liar! He loves Anna; he's been with her these last two years!

"I wanted to chase after you then, but Anna was hurt. It was possible she'd never dance again. I had to stay and help her with therapy, to support her. Even though her leg is better now, she's developed a fear nonetheless. She said she wanted to stay in Taiwan and be with me, but I knew it was because she was afraid to stand on that stage again. I made it clear to her that I no longer loved her. The person I'm in love with….is you, is you, Xin Yi."

Liar, you're lying! Tears are flowing down Xin Yi's face. Xin Yi is so overwhelmed she can't even stand up and kneels down. She can't believe it, how could he love her? He has to be messing with her, he has to be!

She won't be dumb again and fall in love with him a second time. If she is silly enough to fall for him again, then she's a lost cause. No one will be able to save her…

Xin Yi remembers how she left the Ji household two years ago devastated, how she forced herself to stand on her own two feet, how she went from being a caterpillar to a butterfly. How can all of her hard work just evaporate like that with what he said?

"I love you Xin Yi." He has to continue to tug her heart. "You listen carefully. Ji Cun Xi loves Chen Xin Yi!"

It's too late! Why didn't you say this two years ago? Why now?

Did you know how devastated I was when I miscarried? How heartbroken I was when you chose Anna right in front of me and said I was like a sticky note? She wanted to run away so many times when she was studying ceramics in Shanghai, but she didn't because she didn't want to lose out to Anna; to lose out to the woman he loved. She worked hard to overcome her weaknesses and told herself she was not the same Chen Xin Yi. She wasn't going to be the sticky note girl that anyone could use as they please.

"You've misunderstood what I said, Xin Yi. That day when I told Anna you were like a sticky note, I didn't mean to say you were unimportant, but too important. What you mean to me is like the air I breathe everyday. I couldn't imagine ever living without you. Sticky notes aren't necessarily just pieces of trash you throw away after using them. Each sticky note can symbolize an intimate concern. Because we love that person, so we use sticky notes to leave them messages. You used to always leave me messages on sticky notes, telling me not to work too late into the night, to remember to bundle up—do you remember?"

Xin Yi never thought of this meaning for sticky notes. She always hated herself for being like a sticky note, but he told her that it's because of love.

"I felt so warm inside then, but you probably didn't even know that. Actually I…." Cun Xi takes a deep breath. "I'm a man who's terrified of being alone. Anna wasn't with me or even in contact with me then, but you were always there to show concern for me in your own way. You're really simple, childish. I'm always so happy when I'm with you. I love seeing you smile. I love seeing that atrocious posture when you're sleeping on the bed." He chuckles a little. "Do you know your posture when you're sleeping is no where near lady-like?"

Yeah, I'm not lady-like, so what? Xin Yi's face starts burning, but her heart is feeling this sweet sensation.

"This time, let me be your sticky note! I'll be your sticky note boy. Whatever you want, just leave me a message and I'll definitely do it for you. How about it?" Cun Xi promises.

Xin Yi looks at everything around her and suddenly comes to the conclusion that when she was creating these pieces, the person she was thinking of was him!

It was always him…

The audiotape stops. In through the doorway comes a tall figure. It is Cun Xi. He looks at Xin Yi, his face pale.

"Xin Yi," He calls in a hoarse voice. Her heart feels like it is about to break seeing him like that.

Why must he always be at a loss for words when he sees her? Why must she reject him?

"Xin Yi." He calls once again with so much sentimentality, telling her to come over.

Xin Yi gets up and waits for him to speak, but he doesn't say a word. He smiles and slowly reaches out for her.

She thinks he is going to hug her, but he ends up falling towards her.

"What's the matter? Cun Xi? Are you alright?" Xin Yi asks frighteningly.

He doesn't answer. Cold one minute and hot the next, Cun Xi is just shaking in Xin Yi's arms.


The doctor says Cun Xi has a fever, which has turned into pneumonia, so he is sent down to the ICU.

"How can you get pneumonia? Don't you know how to take good care of yourself?" Xin Yi is concerned and frustrated at the same time.

"I think he just overworked." Granny comes to the hospital to visit Cun Xi. "These last couple of days, he barely had any sleep. And today he went out in this wind. His body probably couldn't take it anymore."

"Why hasn't he been sleeping?"

"Because of you!" Granny sighs deeply

"Because of me?" Xin Yi is surprised

"He's been spending the last couple of days preparing your showcase even though he has work in the day, so he's been pulling all-nighters. I also saw him drawing profusely in his study and he'd do it over and over again if he wasn't satisfied. The trash can was all filled up. I told him to get some rest, but he refused."

"Why must he….be so stupid?" Xin Yi's eyes start to fill with tears thinking of how Cun Xi stayed up drawing those pictures for her. "Idiot. Complete idiot. And who was the one who used to say I was stupid. He's the biggest idiot."

He's the idiot. An idiot completely blinded by his crazy love for her. She's the one who's been so cruel to Cun Xi these last days. Now in retrospect, she regrets being so mean and stubborn.

Xin Yi sits on Cun Xi's bed and holds tightly onto his hand. "Listen carefully you idiot, this time it's my turn to make the decision- I've decided to continue loving you, to be with you. You hear me?" Xin Yi is smiling despite her tears. "So get well soon. I never want you to make me worry again."


Three days later Cun Xi is released from the hospital. As soon as the two come home, they make passionate love like they are going to leave their marks on each others' bodies. All the mistakes they've made in the past will be mended little by little as they look on towards their future.

Cun Xi asks about Xin Yi's process of learning ceramics. On the one hand he is proud of her, yet part of him can't help but feel the pain she went through. "Doesn't matter now because you've gotten through it all." He gently brushes her hair. "You're art pieces are now critically acclaimed."

"I have Dylan to thank for that. He's been the one by my side supporting me. Without him, I would've ran back to Taiwan a long time ago."

"Oh really now?" Cun Xi starts to fire up. "You didn't actually accept his proposal did you?"

"What do you think?" Xin Yi sticks out her finger and playfully draws on Cun Xi's chest.

Cun Xi grabs Xin Yi's finger and looks her in the eyes. "You clear things up with him tomorrow! Tell him the person you really love is me and he'd better stop thinking he has a future with you!"

"Look at you! You're acting like a little grade schooler declaring his power of authority." Xin Yi looks at him "I'm messing with you! I never accepted him proposal. I just wore the ring on purpose to tick you off."

"Oh I see it now! So you've got the guts to mess with your husband." Cun Xi gently bits Xin Yi's finger.

"We never lived together in Shanghai either. You misunderstood."

"We never lived together in Shanghai either. You misunderstood."

"You never lived together?" Cun Xi is shocked at the revelation. He suddenly turns himself over and is on top of Xin Yi and looking down at her.

"I can't believe you have turned me into such a jealous maniac. Answer me now! How are you going to make it up to me?"

"Whatever. It's not my fault your imagination was running wild!"

"I don't care! You still have to comfort and take care of my damaged soul." Cun Xi is behaving like a little child.

"What damaged soul?" Xin Yi can't help but feel happy, yet helpless at the same time. "Fine, how do you want me to comfort you?"

"Well then." Cun Xi flutters his eyebrows, lowers his head, and whispers into Xin Yi's ears. "Why don't….you give me another baby?"

"What?" Xin Yi freezes.

"I know getting it on the first try might not be possible. I have no problem with that, we'll just keep trying!" Cun Xi proclaims his request and pounces on Xin Yi…

Inside the bedroom, an unstoppable array of romance between the two would make anyone crazy.


"So you've decided to stay with Ji Cun Xi?" Dylan feels regret and sadness when Xin Yi returns the ring to him.

"I'm sorry Dylan. I know you treat me so well but I….I love Cun Xi. I guess it's fated that I love him." Xin Yi sighs with a small smile.

"You're not afraid you'll regret your decision?"

"If I was afraid, then I could never fall in love again. I've found the courage to believe in him, and believe in myself."

Dylan silently looks on at Xin Yi and he can see the courage and determination inside of this woman. He knows he can't persuade her anymore. The Xin Yi now knows exactly what she wants.

"I guess then, there's nothing else for me but to give you my blessing. I want you to be happy."

"I will."

Xin Yi is touched by Dylan's blessing. She feels so lucky to have Dylan as a friend. However, that other woman won't give her blessing so easily.

Cun Xi says that even though he and Anna have broken up, she still hasn't given up on them. Anna hasn't been herself and at times, will drink away her sorrows.

Xin Yi is really worried about Anna. Some would think Xin Yi is dumb for worrying about her rival, but Xin Yi still hopes Anna can let go of the past and find new love again.

Xin Yi takes the initiative to go see Anna.

"What are you doing here?" Anna is staring out the window aimlessly but as soon as she sees Xin Yi, she fires up.

"I came to see you."

"Came to see me? As I recall, we don't have the kind of relationship where we socialize together."

"I want to talk to you." Xin Yi ignores Anna's reply and makes her motive of coming here clear.

Anna thinks Xin Yi came to gloat. "What do you want to say to me?"

"You know, I used to be really envious of you. Not only are you beautiful, but also confident. Everytime Cun Xi mentioned you, I could tell just how much he loved you."


"I always looked at the picture of you in his study, and imagine how amazing you were on stage dancing. Cun Xi said that you're a natural born performer who belongs on stage. Why aren't you dancing now?"

"What does it matter to you whether or not I dance?"

"Of course it matters to me" Xin Yi says calmly "Did you know that I used you as my incentive when I was studying in Shanghai. I told myself I could not lose to you. I had to work hard, hoping one day that I can catch up to you and become someone just as mesmerizing as you."

"You… used me as your incentive?" Anna's mood is now different.

Xin Yi nods looking straight at her. "But the person you are now…I'm really disappointed. The confident Anna is no longer there. The Anna who would still stand tall even if she fell on stage…where did she go?"

"You….this is no matter for you to care about!" Anna is shaking and suddenly starts to feel disgusted with herself. "Get out. You get out now!"

"I'm not going. I want you to look at this." Xin Yi takes out a DVD and pops it into the player, not caring if Anna objects.

A few seconds later, the screen is showing a ballet dancer dressed in fiery red performing on stage.

That's Anna. The Anna from two years ago. The Anna then loved dancing with a passion. Her world wasn't filled with only love, but dreams as well.

"This is you. Do you remember?" Xin Yi asks.

Of course Anna remembers! How could she possibly forget? She really wants to be back onstage, really really wants to, but she is afraid. She is afraid of getting hurt again and then not being able to get back up…

Anna's tears start covering her eyes.

When did she become such a weak woman? This isn't her! Anna Shi is a strong and courageous woman. Even if she fell, she would laugh it off and get back up right?

"You can dance again. You definitely can." Xin Yi encourages her. "Even I, the person you looked down on, can become an artist. Why can't you stand on that stage again? Is it because you don't compare to me?

"How can I not compare to you!" Anna is unappeased.

"Then prove it to me." Xin Yi says smiling. "Prove it to me Anna!" Anna just looks at Xin Yi, completely speechless.


"I heard you took the initiative to see Anna." Several nights later, Cun Xi is holding Xin Yi in his arms about to go to bed.

"Uh huh."

"She's really mad. She called me and complained, saying how you could think so highly if yourself."


"She wanted me to tell you, that she's not going to lose to you. She's going to pick up from where she left off. She's going back to New York and start anew on stage. Wants you to just wait and see."

"Really? Did she really say that?" Xin Yi is smiling.

"I give you props!" Cun Xi says while gently playing with Xin Yi's hair. "Definitely lives up to being the woman Ji Cun Xi loves, you're the best!"

"From the way you're speaking, it sounds like you've been mesmerized by me?" Xin Yi says slyly.

"Yes, I'm completely infatuated and mesmerized by you, Chen Xin Yi." He says boldly. The male ego, when in love, can only be set aside. "Are you satisfied?"

Xin Yi doesn't say anything. She just smiles in pure bliss.

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